Time and Space #3: Right Response

In the sanctifying of time and space seen in Revelation 4, there is an interesting difference in the two celebrations.

Whenever the Living Creatures give glory, honor and thanks to him who sits on the throne and who lives for ever and ever, the twenty-four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne, and worship him who lives for ever and ever. They lay their crowns before the throne and say: “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”

Notice that both teams focus on glory and honor, but when the four Living Creatures celebrated God’s dominion over time, they drilled down on their gratitude and when the focus was space, the issue was power.

This is an interesting dynamic for our response to God as we observe Him aligning time/space for us.

Yesterday I flew into an international airport.  There were at least 500 people ahead of me in the main line for immigration.  Just before I arrived at the end of the line, someone opened a new section, waved us in and there were only a dozen or so people ahead of me when I entered that line.

Time/space were both in play, but my emotion went to gratitude for the time saved.

When I arrived at the hotel, I was placed in a room closest to the elevator.  This in spite of the fact that there had been an email from a real person at the hotel (not from a computer) asking what I wanted during my stay, and I stipulated a quiet room far from the elevator and ice machine.

She wrote back confirming the request, assuring me it would be done.

And it wasn’t.

So I am now in a space that is exactly, precisely, what I did NOT want.

The probability of this being incompetence on the part of the hotel is very low.

The probability of this being the God of time and space overriding all of the careful systems the hotel has in place, is very high.

And if He put me here, it is most likely for power.  There is something I am supposed to receive, or something I can see from this window, or something I can clean up or imprint.

Currently I am leaning toward it being a deposit I am supposed to leave for the person who is here after me, but am not sure.

There is another option and that is connecting with the lady who wrote the email confirming my request.  Maybe we need to meet face to face (in the same space) for some reason.

I will have to decide before I leave for the day, whether to drop her an email to see what happened, or to leave things alone and focus on finding the power play in this room.

So time and space – interrelated, but each with its own tone.

Currently, when I watch God align time, I celebrate.  When I watch Him align space, I look for the power play that is possible.

But then, I am brand new at this game, so I might see this verse quite differently 100 blogs from now!

Copyright January 2018 by Arthur Burk

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15 Responses to Time and Space #3: Right Response

  1. Just this morning I had an alignment of time that was a real gift. I went into the apartment office to ask a question, and there JUST HAPPENED to be exactly the person there who could give me an educated answer. He is the maintenance manager, so he drifts in and out all day. The timing could not have been better. I went away grateful for the alignment that saved me time and hassle. What I am wondering is if the idea of time coming before space can be applied here in the way that gratitude comes before power? Could there be a sequential connection between the two?

  2. Waking up with a rainbow on my ceiling was an ‘Aha’ moment! Jumping out of bed to grab my phone, I just had to capture it! While clicking away I was wondering why I’d never seen one there before? D’uh! I’m a side-sleeper and I’d woken on my back! Enjoying it for about 20 minutes till the sun no longer hit the louvres, mind circling round the smatterings of science about refracted light and prisms, when Papa intruded! “Joan, just letting you know, I had all this figured out before I ever said ‘Light!!’ and light was” Wow! That got my attention! God had all his laws sorted before any one of them came to be!

    I remembered how I used to wonder as a little girl why I could see how our neighbour, behind his house on the next hill, could be chopping wood and he was already bringing his axe up for the next swing when the sound of the axe splitting the log reached my ears! Adults fobbed me off with ‘Sound moves at a different speed to light!’ But even those Laws had been in Papa’s heart before there was Light! Then I thought of how my kitten’s pupils would change… and Papa had it all coordinated before he’d created the first eye! And how colours are made! How we see them! How light travels through space! Time and Space lit by His light! Wow! And picture after picture scrolled by!

    Glory time in the morning!

    Each morning now, when the sun hits those louvres, his promises are painted on my ceiling!

    Then I read in the beautifully poetic, idiomatic, in our present-day lingo, in The Message: Genesis !…
    “First this: God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don’t see. Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness. God’s Spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss.
    God spoke: “Light!”
    And light appeared.
    God saw that light was good…”

    And God saw that it was good! All good! Don’t you love seeing his fingerprints and his blueprints all over his amazing creation, tying together this amazing bundle of Time and Space, wherever you look?

    And He had it ALL figured out… Before!

    Standing on my Exhorter tippy-toes!

  3. Martin Van Horn says:

    Having been alerted to time & space research, I noticed some things reading the Nestle text of the Temptation in Luke 4. The second temptation says the devil led Jesus up, the KJV inserted “high mountain.” The devil can use/manipulate space to be small or tremendously large, and to view details or the whole earth at will. He showed Jesus the kingdoms of the inhabited world in a moment of time. Again time too is flexible. He can look around at a normal rate or all at once.

    For the third temptation he brought Jesus from the wilderness to the Temple in Jerusalem, also seemingly in an instant where they ascended to the top. Space again was no problem for their travel.

    My theory is that the flexibility of time & space is the reason Jesus was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, when he achieved Father’s will before any manipulation later through sin.

  4. Carla Hereford says:

    He already has power. He craves the praises of His people. Wouldn’t being thankful be considered praise?

    • SLG says:

      My assumption is that God is incredibly precise with His wording in the Scripture, so whatever they mean, I don’t think they are redundant.

  5. Merging onto a freeway in peak hour is not my favourite thing, but it has to be done on occasions! Those times I quietly ask Father to handle the traffic his way.
    So I’m on the on-ramp, having been in thanks mode for a while, and because of the terrain I can see the traffic way ahead, bumper-to-bumper moving at moderate speed. Looking back, way back, is the same relentless bumper-to-bumper forever… then as I move squinting against the afternoon sun, there appears the only Joan-size break in all that homeward line! His timing was so spot on I did not miss a beat!
    What a ‘hug from God!
    And this has happened four times in a row when I have gone that way!
    Father’s timing to place all those tired disgruntled workers so precisely leaves me so full of awe and thanksgiving each time!

  6. Noeleen says:

    I love the way you are looking at what the living creatures and the twenty four elders are saying. The sequence and the focus on time: thanks, space: power. It looks like a strong way of trying out what it might look like in practice. Thank you for that. Seeing the order and the constituents of the worship in time and space. This is making me wonder about how in music time and space come together – especially in singing. In Rev 5:12 – seven, four and three? I’m thinking about the fractal of six – three and three that you talked about in the last blog. I’m not up to speed on the fractals – as I may well be demonstrating!! and honour, glory and blessing. You have my attention!!

  7. Rob Isbister says:

    Very helpful biblical and earthly examples.

  8. Lisa says:

    Ok, I just had a cool revelation. The celebration of God and time goes both ways— you experience the alignment of time and celebrate, but Celebration also BRINGS the alignment of time. I bought COG about a month ago– I didn’t know what to expect, I listened/celebrated God with you and then played it all night. The next day at work, I only had 2 hours of work before I was done for the day (I had been working 10hr days for months–rushed, hurried days with minimal breaks (I’m a psych nurse in the field, working with the severely mentally ill– many are schizophrenic and homeless), For the next month I had only 2-4hrs of work before I was done for the day– it was such a welcome respite! Only for the past 2 days, have I had a full day of work, but it has been leisurely, with multiple breaks!! I was going to email you before about it, but I wasn’t sure what to say– it didn’t make sense to me, because I thought that that the purpose of the CD was to change the atmosphere and cleanse the land– but now, I have a different frame for it! For me, it was the celebration re-aligning my time! I know there is more to this!!

  9. My feeling is for you to find the power play.

    • Katie Trundt says:

      Agreed. I see a power play and what a HUGE revelation for me too. Lots of times in these situations I fight my flesh to “react” in a fruit of the spirit but to be honest I heb never seen the power play that comes from that until the last few days, but even then I didn’t have language for it! Arthur, as ALWAYS your insight gives me concrete concepts for things I have been seeing or beginning to exercise in my life! POWER UP!!! 🙌🏻💪😍

  10. Daphne says:

    The Time part is quite easy to understand, thank you for giving an example on the Space part. Yet I still find it abstract. Something to ponder on. Why do the Creatures & Elders say that?

  11. Lisa says:

    Hmmmm. very interesting to consider the difference in “tone” between alignment in time versus space. In the past I have looked at unexpected places as opportunities to experiment in leaving blessings or cleansing, but love the upgrade to “power play” so much more exciting and empowering than “opportunity”

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