Time and Space #8: Choice

After four days of creation being subject solely to the will of the Trinity and the laws of nature, on the fifth day, choice regarding time and space came into play.

God created fish and birds.  He imbued them with motion which in itself is an expression of the union of time and space.

With motion came an infinity of choices, moderated to some degree by pre-installed software that created desires and were punctuated by lethal or lovely consequences.

In terms of space, there are no physical boundaries established for either living group.  Each was free to roam far, eating, mating and resting where they wished.

But alongside that freedom was the ever present threat of extermination if the creature with choice failed to be canny about the realities of either time or space.

Failure to migrate in synchronicity to the seasons could cause death from sundry causes.  Failure to consider the hostile environment around them while eating could also result in individual death.  Failure to mate in the appropriate time would result in a termination of that line of living things.

Conversely, following God’s ordained time to be in a particular space would generally enrich the life of a fish or bird.

A profound paradigm.

No moral laws governing their behavior in time and space.  A definite “better” and “worse” positioning in nature for both time and space.  Extreme consequences for poor judgment.

A new chapter in the history of time/space and creation.


An exponentially complicating variable.

Copyright January 2018 by Arthur Burk

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5 Responses to Time and Space #8: Choice

  1. Jenny Lynn says:

    Wow, profound thoughts as I begin my evening pondering! So many implications. Now I wonder how that complicated variable plays out in the life of the Redemptive Gift of Giver… hmm, I’m already seeing a few.

    Thank you, Arthur, for your thoughts and your consistency in delivering these thought-provoking, paradigm-shifting posts!

  2. Brant says:

    Thank you! My spirit and Soul resonated very very much with this; choice, self expression.

  3. Daphne says:

    Profound indeed!

  4. LaVonne says:

    Fluidity. Motion. ( that came to me after first post) I really do like motion….

  5. LaVonne says:

    So enjoy reading these posts, thank you Arthur. Much to think about, as you open it up in such unique ways. I can just see a bird looking around as it eats its worm or fly’s with groups of birds in formation and then turns on a dime. Or geese flying. The majesty of that scene with sound breaking thru the air and atmosphere on there level and down on ours. And the fish the motion of the water flowing around them, swaying with it, the sounds, the lights thru the water from above, changing even yards away. Love it.

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