Time and Space #9: Dominion

On the sixth day, God created bugs, animals and humans.  Those three groups were added to the fish and the birds who could convert time and space into motion and sound through an act of their will.

Out of the five categories, God selected mankind and gave them the Dominion Mandate to “rule over” the fish, the birds, the bugs and the animals.

In many ways, the other four categories of creatures are vastly superior to us in terms of motion.  Which of us can soar like an eagle or flit like a hummingbird?  Who is as big as an elephant or as evasive as a gnat?  Who can celebrate motion like a porpoise?

Yet, while we are markedly inferior in motion we have the mandate to rule over their motion.  Sadly, most of what we do is lock them up and deprive them of access to space and motion.

We as humans have some kind of access to the time/space alignment of heaven as we are taught to pray God’s reality from heaven down to earth.  We also have a redemptive calling to undo much of what went wrong with the fall of man.  This would include extending the alignment of time/space to the four kingdoms of living things.

Think of all the examples we have of mysterious disasters happening to creatures, such as whales beaching themselves.

At present we all have facets of time and space that are not in alignment in our own lives.  We tend to focus on our own hurts and limitations and wish we could grow into enough dominion to handle our own affairs effectively.

But I think we are called to steward the animal kingdoms as well, extending the protection of God’s righteous alignment of all things to them.

Every kind of brokenness the enemy can create empowers his kingdom.  I wonder what the world would be like if the sons of God walked in such dominion that they could align time and space for the animal kingdoms, depriving the enemy of this source of power.

We are not there yet, but we need to set the bar that high, and not just high enough for our own comfort.

Copyright January 2018 by Arthur Burk



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9 Responses to Time and Space #9: Dominion

  1. Nathan says:

    Much to my surprise this touches me deeply. God, thank you for the animals. Help us to once again have Your perspective and heart. O Lord our Lord may we declare with our words and actions Your Name to be Majestic in ALL the earth, in this area too.

  2. This resonates deeply with me. In the last few years I have felt the grief of the way we interact animals and nature more acutely. It has been an interesting journey with my parrot, because these things have hit me much harder than they did in the past. I hope to bring more freedom to the picture in the near future, and access something of the partnership that is possible between us and nature. Thank you for challenging us to set the bar high.

  3. mtroxy3 says:

    Next to land, animals are closest to my heart and spirit. My spirit and soul takes this as a challenge to work with the animal kingdom on aligning time and space to see what will happen. Tally Ho! Roxanna

  4. Jim Banks says:

    In some sense, dance in most of it forms, has become the expression of humans in the arena of movement, perhaps viewing the new movie The Greatest Showman will help provide another petspective – coupled with the music. If that fails just recall Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers.jimj

  5. Beth says:

    I have four doves in cages right now. They were raised in captivity for generations and it is said cannot be set free again. I have left the doors to their cages open and they make no attempt to leave. It is my goal with these birds to make a larger out door enclosure that includes trees etc. They will learn to live in a more natural environment and raise the next generation outside of the cage. This current generation may not go free but the next one will. I’ve never had birds in a cage before because they are meant to fly. I was given these birds and couldn’t say no, because in the back of my mind I knew I could find a way to set them free. I feel like it’s some sort of object lesson regarding generational bondage and curses… maybe if I can restore these bird’s birthright (the right to fly) then in the process I can understand how God sets us free.

  6. Susan says:

    I have some problems with this. Don’t get me wrong I wholeheartedly agree with the proposition that we humans have more to do in this respect. In fact I have seen the need to get involved in this sort of thing for some time. That is why I have a problem!

    I came across various online ideas for godly gardening and growing food online. Including redeeming the dirt and growing food God’s way. I suggested to some Christian friends that they thought about investigating them as well. Most of them would rather follow the so-called experts on the TV who taught them man’s way of gardening. Sadly I suspect that they would have a huge struggle letting go of man’s ways of doing things and trusting God to show them how to care for their garden. I think their vision of what God wanted them to do and was willing to help them with was so small that it did not include gardening. Yet how did Adam and Eve learn to tend a garden?

    Another problem I have is there are just so many things that we could do to change this world into somewhere that is more pleasing to God. I know we are a body and some are designed to do this and others to do that but there is so much to do. There are harvest fields ready in all sorts of areas including animal welfare, gardening, environmental action of many different kinds but the workers are few.

    Some of those who could do something think that God is not really interested in things like that so have allowed ideas in those areas to be stolen from them. After all God is only interested in winning souls isn’t He? Well how about this for a crazy idea. What if we had more food-growing or environmental projects run by Christians that had multiple purposes? One would be to do the practical stuff of growing food or protecting the environment in the way God directed them to do. Another would be for their values and principles to rub off onto others or maybe I should say that their light shines into the lives of others. Effectively they would preach the good news that we can care for the environment in a way that honours God. What was that old saying preach the gospel any way that you can and if all else fails use words. They might even win a few souls along the way as they transformed the world into something more in tune with what God wants.

    One of my fears is that Christians have so far retreated away from things like environmental concerns that others with values that do not honour God have stepped into the vacuum they left behind. Didn’t someone once say that you need to be careful when you have swept an area clean because if you are not careful the enemy will come back and take control and be even harder to shift next time. That then leaves Christians being forced into a position of being a light in a dark area. We are not keen to go into dark areas because we don’t know what we will find so we are wary. I mean we cannot do that because that is the preserve of people like them and we do not want to be tarred with the same brush as them. We need people who have a strong enough backbone to go into those areas and follow God.

    Sounds strange but I am reminded of the work of William Carey and the early missionaries. They went places that were dark and that “normal” Christians did not want to go or think it was right to go. They had to do a whole load of awareness raising back home to raise the prayer and financial support that they needed to go into the dark places that needed the light of God to shine in them. Have we really got to the stage where we can equate moving into the arena of environmental concerns with the pioneer missionaries? I am not sure but it could be the case.

  7. Serina Fleck says:

    There is so much in Time and Space. Thank you for sharing those with us!

    This one stands out a lot to me “I wonder what the world would be like if the sons of God walked in such dominion that they could align time and space for the animal kingdoms, depriving the enemy of this source of power.”

    That would bring a huge shift in many things, I think. Will ponder this for what it means for me.

  8. Gosh, that gives a whole new meaning to good stewardship!

  9. Bernardene Smith says:

    This is beautiful! Imagine if we used our garden dominion to rebuild the Great Barrier Reef … and then filled up the rest of the oceans with colour… Extending God’s Kingdom to the deep.

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