Time and Space #15: Health

Sarah had a baby at 90 years old.


I have always imagined this great grandmotherly looking woman joyously caring for a baby.  Doesn’t seem overly hard for God to juice her endocrine system for a special purpose.

But that is not how it worked.

In Genesis 20, in the three month window before Isaac’s conception, Abraham took her to Philistia.  Before going, he asked her to do the “You are my sister thing” and sure enough, once there, she got picked up by the king himself to be part of his harem.

Now think about it.

You are a king.  You have a harem.  You would presumably be quite picky about who you add to your harem.  Great grandmotherly looking women would not be at risk of your roving eye.

In other words, Sarah did not look 90 years old.  God had not just juiced her endocrine system.  He either kept her from aging, or rolled the clock back about a half a century or so for this occasion.

When Sarah was in Philistia, she had no wrinkles, no curvature of the spine, no grey hair, no creaky joints, no brown spots on her face or hands, no sagging anything, anywhere, no daily fiber pills to improve motility and no high blood pressure meds, ruining her liver.

She was home-coming-queen stunning at 90 years old.

Spry enough to chase a toddler around the yard and toss him in the air.

I think this is another expression of time and space.  God manipulated the speed (time and space combined) of a million facets of her biology in order to keep all of her body systems sparkly.

I suspect part of aging is not only the slowing down of a system, but the desynchronization of various systems in the body.

She was in tune – everything in sync with everything else.

Because God can make any exception He wants to anyone’s time/space alignment.

Copyright February 2018 by Arthur Burk 

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8 Responses to Time and Space #15: Health

  1. Angela Clark says:

    I am new to this blog, but loving it! Can anyone direct me to a teaching on how to actually get into alignment with Papa’s time and space?

  2. Tom Gordon says:

    Caleb, after inheriting Hebron at 85, was as strong then as the day Moses sent him 45 years before. Why not. Josh 14:10-11 “just as my strength was then, so now is my strength for war,”
    No teetering around, but strong, sound, agile, good reflexes, keen sight, and more. May our spirits partner with the Holy Spirit in whatever way He chooses that our bodies may align with His perfect design for us at whatever age we are. Running with you, Tom

  3. Nathan says:

    George MacDonald said:

    “Our old age is the scorching of the bush
    By life’s indwelling, incorruptible blaze.”

    I wonder if the Lord’s biological syncing within Sarah’s body “bore” any similarity to the effect He had on the burning bush.

    I also am reminded of the teaching on the righteous 3rd head of Leviathan – living in the principle of Responsibility. Jehovah Rapha – God allowing entropy to be suspended as with the Israelites in the desert. Arthur said the following in that teaching:

    “part of the restraining of entropy in our physical bodies comes from having joy and not feeling powerless.”

    Sarah said that with Isaac God had made her laugh and everyone would laugh with her. What an interesting connection between (1) suspension of entropy in Sarah’s body (2) joy/laughter, and (3) Sarah being the ultimate “factory” of giving birth to a child of promise.

    Was this work of God an application of natural principles or a supernatural miracle? Perhaps God released the righteous 3rd head over her as He did with the Israelites in the desert.

  4. Omotara Johnson says:

    I’m asking Father for the same synchronization in my life… !!! I love this story

  5. Serina Fleck says:

    Wow!!! It is amazing, having read that story so many times and not seeing it, and now, as you mention with Sarah it is so clear.

    Love the way God does miracles as Time and Space are aligned.

  6. Daphne says:

    Amazing! Love this! Thank you for sharing!

  7. This is wow-awesome stupendous indeed…

  8. LaVonne says:

    Alrighty I Wlil go for this time space alignment exception, the desychronization of aging, hope I spelled the word right. I would love for my body to be healed so I can dance and worship with flags and fabric again, hard when you have a motion anointing. And anything else that has been stolen, years of life. Liked this, thank you.

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