Time and Space #16: Multiple Agendas

Joseph presumably just wanted to go home to Daddy (and tattle).

Reuben wanted to rescue Joseph and send him back home (with a vow of silence).

One or more of the brothers wanted to kill him.

Some Midianites “happened” to come by at just the right time and Judah decided to go for the gold instead of the blood.

So Joseph ended up in Egypt.

My opinion is that this was God’s doing.

Joseph was a Ruler redemptive gift, who was pampered by his Daddy.  He needed a couple of intense trainings to be able to run all of Egypt’s bureaucracy.   So God controlled the timing of Reuben being assigned to the flocks, and the Midianites coming by, so that Joseph didn’t die or go home to Daddy.

Often God’s exquisite aligning of time and space we attribute to the devil.  He just enrolled us in a class, without our permission, to unpack something He saw in us, that we were not unpacking.

It just might take a few years to see the beauty of His objective shining larger than the pain of the training.

Copyright February 2018 by Arthur Burk 


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7 Responses to Time and Space #16: Multiple Agendas

  1. Brant says:

    The last two sentences really resonated. Thank you!

  2. Thomas Grunder says:

    This seems to land very well into my present journey. Things do not seem to go where I wanted to go, instead my eyes are opened to issues I did not ask for. While this is not the first time I find myself on “God’s detour”, my spirit witnessed to the reading and I am in a greater peace. God seems to get me moving through giving me a perspective I hardly can grasp and along the way changes come and take me into places I had no reference point to connect at the starting point. We do have a passionate Father who is after unfolding our potential …… pain seems to be an integral part of it, only real life is the result from it all.
    Can’t help but smile and my Father seems to smile back at me.

  3. Trish Smith says:


  4. Maria says:

    Oh, how I needed to hear this today. My husband and I seem to have been enrolled in graduate courses when we thought we were chugging along comfortably in high school. We look forward to learning His objectives for these courses. A syllabus would be so helpful at the moment . . .

  5. Nancy Bentz says:

    Oh yes indeed! Thank you for this succinct word, Arthur. It did take (more than) a few years. Now it’s a double gift for the next generation.

  6. Daphne says:

    “It just might take a few years to see the beauty of His objective shining larger than the pain of the training.” Right on the dot, so very true. Wow!

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