Time and Space #17: Behind the Scenes

From our vantage point, we can see the grand design.  Joseph, dreams, Egypt, cougar, prison, cup bearer, Pharaoh, dream, prime minister, Jacob comes down, reconciliation.

There are lots of time/space pieces here that keep the story from being a bunch of unrelated data points.

But while Joseph was doing time in prison for a rape he didn’t commit, it was hard to see the bigger picture.

The morning Pharaoh work up in a tizzy, Joseph woke up bored.  Same old, same old.  He had no way of knowing that God was messing with the weather, the economy, Pharaoh’s sleep, and that God had given all the magicians and wise men a double dose of dumb that day.

But . . . whether he saw it or not, it had happened.

Suddenly there was an out of breath messenger banging on the door and Joseph was catapulted from the prison to the barbershop, through the shower, the haberdashery and into the palace.

Where he stayed.

God had, in reality, been aligning all sorts of things in time and space for decades while it looked like Joseph’s life was going less than nowhere.

How about your life?

It is easy to celebrate the time/space gifts from God when we see them.  It is far more noble worship to celebrate by faith the things God aligned for you today, that won’t impact your life until next year!

Copyright February 2018 by Arthur Burk 

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9 Responses to Time and Space #17: Behind the Scenes

  1. frieda says:

    just re-reading this stuff ….
    months agoo , I talked in the shop of our village to the owner’ s wife and asked how her son was doing ….she said , we are so proud of him, he is 15 years now and learning about electricity at school to be a good workman …..now, this week , I met the young man on the bus ..we started to talk ( that is what exhorters do when being on a bus and searching for opportunities to be a blessing ) and I told him that his parents were so proud of him ……ooooooooh he said, that is good to hear , …so …God made me have that conversation with the mother, months agoo , so I could encourage the son later on …on a time he ( I think ) needed it ….

  2. Soo Fee Lau says:

    How noble to live by faith and not by sight!

    Maybe Joseph had also sung Psalm 62 quietly in his heart like David while waiting for the Lord in the prison.

    1 I wait quietly before God,
    for my victory comes from him.
    2 He alone is my rock and my salvation,
    my fortress where I will never be shaken.

    3 So many enemies against one man—
    all of them trying to kill me.
    To them I’m just a broken-down wall
    or a tottering fence.
    4 They plan to topple me from my high position.
    They delight in telling lies about me.
    They praise me to my face
    but curse me in their hearts. Interlude

    5 Let all that I am wait quietly before God,
    for my hope is in him.
    6 He alone is my rock and my salvation,
    my fortress where I will not be shaken.
    7 My victory and honor come from God alone.
    He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me.
    8 O my people, trust in him at all times.
    Pour out your heart to him,
    for God is our refuge.

  3. Sam Roberts says:

    I had a good giggle at your using the word cougar 🙂 Most unexpected but fits so well.

    Yes! I love looking back at how God has lined things up in the past, and this post was an excellent reminder that He is not done with our individual and collective stories.

    Looking forward with great anticipation!

  4. Brant says:

    Thank you! I receive!

  5. kambani says:

    what a challenge it must have been for Joseph to engage with God’s heart when, from his vantage point, it appeared that the High King was only interested in stripping him of life’s pleasures during those peaks when everything was going well for him.

    I wonder how long it took for him to get over the knock of being sold into slavery? and then, just as he became top dog in Potiphar’s house, the jailing for that rape he did not commit? really? really really?! wow, the turmoil that he felt inside must have been off of the charts.

    in my mind, it is a miracle that Joseph even emerged from those ordeals with his faith intact. that God accounted for his emotional healing when He scheduled the time of Joseph’s release is quite a thought. it makes me think that Elohim really had faith in Joseph when He subjected him to His tests, knowing that the fate of nations – as well as redemptive history – would be determined by Joseph’s responses to a brutal grooming process.

    fortunately our hero made the grade. and so we celebrate him. and we celebrate God’s extraordinary manipulation of both familial and international events to give us the epic tale of Joseph, a beautiful type of our suffering Messiah. what a rousing life story to read and meditate on. what an ingenious God. as you pointed out, Arthur, from our vantage point, the timing of all of the moving parts is a masterpiece to savour.

    that said, in a season where it has seemed like the King has been pleased to repeatedly fail my attempts at following His call, I have struggled a lot to keep my head above the water. on the better days, I find comfort in singing the closing passage of Habakkuk. but when the pain levels are sky high, I totally identify with the aged Solomon: ‘meaningless; everything is meaningless,’ I want to cry out.

    ultimately though, whether my soul likes it or not, I take heart in the fact that one day every knee will bow before Yeshua’s great throne. so I might as well get on with it now because it is the unavoidable fact of history. He will receive all of the worship from every tongue. again, there certainly days when I am better at this than others. and days when I utterly fail.

  6. Janis Leal says:

    After the twelve or so seconds it took me to figure out the “cougar” part (yes, it takes me a while sometimes…), and savoring with a smile your phraseologies like “double dose of dumb” (your wording is often like good music), the sobering reality of the simple concept you bring into perspective hits the head like a ton of bricks and at the same time pierces to a deep place, like an injection of hope, but more. This, in itself, is God’s timing – good and perfect – and is like a “double dose of durability” needed in my current grids of time/space.

    Even pondering Joseph’s haircut and sprucing-up, knowing that the Lord has every hair on our heads numbered, and the time/space of just the everyday activities of life, and how it ALL fits together in the macro, can be astounding. Lord, open our eyes to “see You,” as Job said, beyond just the “hearing of the ear” of the little we know of You now…. Oh, He is good!

    Thank you very much for the quick but elegant reminder of the eyes of faith, the bigger picture, and the always-perfect ways and time of God. It’s amazing to contemplate his precision, synchronization, harmonization, and absolutely pure perfection in all things, all packaged in His wisdom and love. Whether in good times or bad, He is more than worthy to be celebrated throughout all time and space….

  7. Jennifer says:

    This post has hit me hardest so far…. in 2015 my spirit responded to the Spirit and i went to Ireland (not on my list). Papa highlighted the day at Tara before i left. It was a beautiful MT day (horizon to horizon blue). Last trip up the Hill, our host gave me a word of encouragement and a puzzle. Figured the treasure hunt and marinated in a favorite Psalm for 12 weeks. Day after that 12 weeks, took a deep blow to anlimg standing relationship. While it’s still not resolved I cannot help but celebrate how beautifully God prepared me for the blow and the after effects in such an extravagant way!

  8. This is a fantastic view of that portion of history. I am thankful that I can apply this to my own life.

  9. Maggie says:

    I have some amazing stories to tell about how God showed me this time/space alignment to lead me to His salvation. He truly is amazing; how could I ever forget how He spoke to me when I was so desperate, not through the words of evangelists and pat -answer -preachers but by His very own sovereign design and ‘cosmic’ script /direction tactics in time and space serendipity….leading me His way to forever study and hear His voice through the years, a true Shepherd of lost sheep.

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