Time and Space #18: Staying in Sync with God

Try this picture.

You run a medium sized business and are doing quite nicely.  You have a net worth on paper of $25 million and plenty of cash in the bank for any toys you want.

Your product requires a certain mineral that is primarily available from China.  You have a long term contract with them.  All is good.

The US and China get caught in a trade war through no fault of your own.  Suddenly your supply is cut off.  You scramble to find replacement resources, but the cost is sky high.

For years you struggle with rescuing the business.  It is your obsession day and night.  You try a different line of products, and different design, but year after year, your business volume drops and your profit margin vanishes.

You are at retirement age and are looking at bankruptcy.

Suddenly, your scarce mineral is found in a copper mine in Arizona and you are able to purchase it at less than the previous price, with almost no shipping charges, and at the same time, the government approaches you with a ginormous order for your product.

In a day, you are back in business with your core competency, with a premium supply of needed resources, and a government contract to provide one of your widgets to every member of the armed forces, with a new model replacing all those in just three years.

You are rescued and back in the gravy.

Switch the story.  Make it Jacob instead of you.

He goes from wealth in Canaan to poverty in Canaan, to refugee status in Egypt, to wealth and privilege in Egypt.

Those are the FACTS of his external environment.

God changed the environment he was in (space) in a very short period of time, executing with precision a plan that had been envisioned long ago (time).

No flaws on God’s part.

The question is whether Jacob could sync with God emotionally and enter into this new season with robust joy.

It would seem not.  When Jacob met Pharaoh, there was this exchange.

And Jacob said to Pharaoh, “The years of my pilgrimage are a hundred and thirty.  My years have been few and difficult, and they do not equal the years of the pilgrimage of my fathers.”  Genesis 47:9  NIV

There is a certain truth to what he said.  Due to his deplorable choices, he certainly had hit a few bumps in the road along the way.  BUT, to be just given freedom, wealth and privilege by Pharaoh and to focus on the past instead of the future suggests he had a trauma bond to the past.

So back to you.  Are you in the middle of big pain now?  Then this blog is not for you.  Have you come out of the pain in terms of real life circumstances, but you are still mired in yesterday’s pain?

You may wish to take steps to bring your emotions in line with your external reality, so that you are all in one time and space, not fractured.

Copyright February 2018 by Arthur Burk


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4 Responses to Time and Space #18: Staying in Sync with God

  1. This is so true. And Jacob’s response also has a tinge of bitterness, not just the inability to get past the pain. That puts a new frame around the effect it can have on our lives. It can ruin a lot of things, but the lack of reconciliation with the past can sure cause a lot of fracturing of the future. Love the lead in with the modern day business story. Didn’t expect to see Jacob pop up next!

  2. Jane Tennant says:

    Yes, this is for me. Thank you, thank you. Just today, listening to Shame to Dignity and trauma bond to time prayers. Thank you Lord for Divine Alignment. Alignment between this blog and that teaching set. Time to get back on track. Hoping!

  3. Cynthia says:

    That’s so good. This seems like it would be necessarily a daily discipline. An elderly, embittered person probably became so through a daily emotional disconnect from synchronizing with God. The nightly mental critique of the day, and the bitter reflections on what “might have been,” gradually leading to being blind to what God has done & is still doing in your life. I would have thought that the restoration of Jacob’s two youngest sons alone would have been cause enough for the rest of his lifetime to be filled with joy. This is very convicting!

  4. Daphne says:

    Always enjoy your conclusion, the thought to ponder on.

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