1. Innsbruck Strategy – Paralysis

We are about a month away from our land dynamics training in Innsbruck, in April 2018.  We have between 40 and 50 people coming from over a dozen nations, most planning to stay for the guided field work.

That means a LOT of shuffling of names around the spreadsheet, trying to match up earned authority that is well placed against the strongholds that will be visited.

This series of blogs are simply my thinking out loud so you can see the logic behind staffing teams and building strategies.

Today Serina went to scout out a spot called Target #8 that we plan to send a team to.  We had reason to believe that it was pretty dark and loaded with critters, since it is anchoring a leyline.

She went, saw, came back and reported that there was no drama, no darkness, she discerned nothing, there was no push back.


We took a step back to ponder what was really going on.  Lots of odds and ends bubbled up, but nothing convincing.

Then I remembered that the whole time she was gone, I was paralyzed in terms of work.  She had waited to do her reconnaissance until I was in the office this morning, so I could have her back in case anything went sideways.

I got out of bed feeling clear headed, ready for the day.  I checked in with her when I was in the office, and she left on her mission.  The whole time she was gone, I was unable to do anything of significance.  I would piddle at this, then that, then something else.

There was no ability to even answer basic emails.

I tried a nap.  I tried a cup of tea.  I tried a bunch of stuff.  No traction.

About an hour after she was back, I was still floundering.  I pinged her and sure enough, she was also not able to get traction on anything.

Now it all made sense.  Target #8 is designed to tamp down initiative in the spiritual realm in the city.  When you go there, you are expected to lay down your connection with the present.  It is like Disneyland or a day spa or a museum — you go there to BE there and to immerse yourself in that ambiance, not to bring your daily life with you.

And all the people who go there and willingly disconnect from their world, and enter into the world of that institution, are empowering the demonic in a far larger way than just the time they are there.  They have come under the spiritual power of that demonic entity.

I was rather stunned that my JUST being on standby for Serina’s exploratory trip would allow them to shut me down so completely.

Not good.

Obviously the team we send there will be militantly pushing against the mesmerizing spirit, but the other issue that shouted was the earned authority in terms of pushing through obstacles in life.

Serina and I ran down the list of people who have applied and been accepted for the training and swiftly picked off a dozen or so who had very little tenacity.  Doesn’t take much in life to stop them.  Clearly they would not be on that team.

Then we flipped it the other way and marked the individuals who have a history of relentlessly doing workarounds whenever there is an obstacle.  They just don’t stop.

Interestingly, most of those were already tagged to be team leaders elsewhere!

So we will be juggling names on teams until the day before the event, but we now have a very different grid for this one.  Target #8 has a huge potential.  If we manage to do some clean up there, it could change the spiritual climate of the whole city to some degree.

BUT, hundreds of thousands of people have been there over the centuries, willingly yielding to the invitation to disconnect from the larger picture and to be emotionally guided by the powers that are there.  That represents a stunningly strong force to be pierced.

We will need some fiercely independent, highly focused, spiritual marathon runners to be able to put a scratch on that bad boy!

Fortunately, we have some!

So . . . when I realized what all was going on, my question was how to get myself (and Serina) out from under the paralysis.

I looked away from the To Do list that forever sits on the corner of my desk and jumps up and down, looking for attention.  I looked inside and asked, “Where is the grace to do SOMETHING right now?”

The answer was to write this blog.  I was surprised because I was not planning to document our vetting process but here we are.

It flowed.

I think that as a result of overtly looking for where God was right then, it hopefully broke the power of the paralysis off me.  I suspect I can walk out the rest of the day with some degree of order.

And that raises another issue for the team − we need people who have their ears on, who can break out of the structure, systems and processes of Target #8 and do the thing God calls them to do at that time.

For now, this will go off to Sandy for proofing, I will surface, check with the team, and then come back to my desk to see what kind of momentum I have now.

Copyright March 2018, by Arthur Burk

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7 Responses to 1. Innsbruck Strategy – Paralysis

  1. Jayney librizzi says:

    I find this fascinating, when I was reading your blog it reminded me of a scene in a film Percy Jackson, where they go into a hotel and they are fed lotuses flowers and they loose all sense of time and all they want to do is enjoy themselves, bask in the pleasure. It reminded me also of a place that I used to live in Spain and when I go back there it is so hard to think clearly, I used to think it was the heat, I am beginning to think not, thanks Arthur. Will keep praying

  2. Paula says:

    “celebrate how God concealed the right insights you needed tucked inside the paralysis problem.”

    Great insight: seeing INto the situation.
    Great word picture: giving words to that which is being revealed & seen.

    Makes my spirit man leap, and jump forward to engage with faith that sees/speaks/accomplishes
    straight to & out from the Answer that lies within the problem, is always present to help in time of need.

    The temporal is always subject to the Eternal:
    Discernible & verifiable Change is the result of this scheduled interaction between the Heavenly & the not-heavenly.

    Knees will bow.
    “expecting till He May place his enemies [as] his footstool”. (Hebrews 10:13, Young’s Literal).

  3. Daphne says:

    Wow! I have been experiencing the same thing last year until about Feb. of this year. I thought it was all me, but it seems like there’s something else. Thank you so much for sharing. Looking back, I followed Arthur’s instruction on “Doing Deliverance on Your Brain” for myself & for my adult son in Feb. That seems to have shifted the atmosphere for me (at work & at home) & for my son too. Can we do that on land too? I don’t know what else to do other than to pray for the team. Will pray!

  4. Sam Roberts says:

    Interesting. One of the very first dynamics you and Serina observed about Innsbruck when she first made plans to move there was that young up and coming professionals and natural leaders would go there with big dreams, but not get traction, we leaned into praying for that quite a bit. And as I read your blog that came to mind immediately. I wonder if there’s a connection here. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be praying for God strategy and breakthrough. Hee hee… enemy trying to stall you and gives his game away instead 🙂

  5. Was going to ‘like’ this blog. interesting the site won’t receive the ‘like’ so I’m writing to see if it will let me post.
    am praying for this project and know it will have impact. I too like the statement “grace to do SOMETHING!”

  6. Sandra says:

    Fear can cause paralysis

  7. Jenny Lynn says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this. Bummed that you and Serina got hit, but I celebrate how God concealed the right insights you needed tucked inside the paralysis problem.

    And my spirit jumped up to cheer for the empowerment that flows from that simple question: “Where is the grace to do SOMETHING right now?”

    May the flow continue until all systems are back online!

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