2. Innsbruck Strategy – Anchor Truths

Target #1 is our most complex project.  It is an Exhorter enterprise with vast, sweeping statements.  “The most loved. . . ”  “The most beautiful . . . ”

The exaggerations are stupendous and drastically disconnected from reality.

At the entrance to this place is a human-sized statue of Lucifer surrounded by a bunch of short phrases, taken out of context.  The appeal is to overtly lay down your prior frame of reference and wander through this enterprise with an “open mind” so you can see things from a “different perspective.”

In other words, the temptation in the Garden of Eden all over again.  This is the primary reality in this place – Lucifer has not changed his approach!!!

This place also has a huge amount of death about it, is on one of the main leylines and has managed to smack our team around pretty well already.  The demonic has spoken vigorously, repeatedly, that we are not “allowed” to take a team there.  It is untouchable.

Clearly the team going there will have to be selected with great care.

My first criteria is someone who has been savagely tested on their anchor truths.  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had to come to terms with whether they would still serve God in the face of death.  They passed the test, telling the king they had no guarantee of rescue, but that had no bearing on their refusal to adjust their theology for his ego’s sake.

So I went through the list, looking for people who have had monumental disappointments in life, where they so expected God to intervene and He did not.  In that place, if they stood firm on their anchor truths and did not wobble, they gained significant authority to withstand the Luciferian spirit of “keeping an open mind.”

Some things don’t ever need to be reconsidered!

I was delighted to find nine people who had solid credentials in that category.  I am sure that when they went through their personal season of shock over the way life played out, they had no idea God was grooming them for an intense battle in Innsbruck!

But that is the way it is.  Authority is earned by how we respond to the junk in life.  And God plans ahead, sometimes decades ahead.

It was also disappointing to see how many people on the list have been deeply compromised in this area by their default emotional responses to the junk that God allows to hit them.

After the first pass, I then screened for life.

This is a deadly place.  I need people who have grown – not just survived – in some pretty rocky fields in life, and who are life giving from the abundance within them in hard times, not just when it is convenient.

I still marvel at Jesus comforting the women of Jerusalem on the way to His own crucifixion.  Talk about reaching deep, and extending life to others who were much less wounded than He was.  THIS is our Savior.  Amazing authority.

As I went back over the nine, some were eliminated.  They clearly could stand on a truth, rock solid, not moved, but for some I removed, there was not much life flowing from them, and for others, they could only grow in good circumstances.  Their spiritual roots could not find life in a rocky field.

Fortunately that still left me with a few who I could put on this team – rock solid in their knowledge of God and full of life in good times and bad.

It was interesting as I looked at those people.  No one would want their lives!  You stand back and look at what I know about their journey and it has been simply ugly.  None of them have the elegant, triumphant, iconic Christian walk that others would crave.

Yet in the crucible of injustice, betrayal, long-delayed breakthroughs, and stalked by death in many forms, they were being groomed by God to be dangerous in this place.

I guess it is a lot like the elite military units of the world.  Their preparation is brutal.  The fruit is that they are effective.

Food for thought as the team going to Target #1 will be putting their lives on the line for the sake of the King.


Nothing new at all for these battle seasoned Noble Subjects.

Copyright March 2018 by Arthur Burk

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7 Responses to 2. Innsbruck Strategy – Anchor Truths

  1. Janis Leal says:

    “Yet in the crucible of injustice, betrayal, long-delayed breakthroughs, and stalked by death in many forms, they were being groomed by God to be dangerous in this place.
    I guess it is a lot like the elite military units of the world. Their preparation is brutal. The fruit is that they are effective.”

    YEEEESSSSSS!!! !!! !!!

    Sending out the sound like some kind of trumpet with the frequency of heaven… where these elite Noble Subjects’ records in the accumulating archives speak volumes, from where the Lord will take from this reservoir their well-earned, hard-fought, life-laid-down authority and USE IT for His kingdom, for such a time as this, and however else He jolly-well chooses.

    Leaning into this for the team, continuing to send forth that sound, as the Lord goes before them and is their rear guard, taking down the deluded false god and establishing HIS throne in that place.

    Hallelujah….. and way to go, noble ones.

  2. Claudette says:

    You will have my prayers for you and the team.

  3. mtroxy3 says:

    Amen and am praying for them. mtroxy3

  4. Frances Bell says:

    What a blessing to readyour post. On my knees praying for you am the team

  5. Bethany says:

    Praying for the team

  6. Deborah Foster says:

    Thank you, Arthur! This post gave me a significant puzzle piece regarding death that I have been up against that has been maddening. The beautiful side of evil! I am praying for the team!
    Again, THANK YOU!!! The Lord Bless and Equip each one of you Mightily!!!😊🐝

  7. Judy says:


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