Time and Space #20: The Third Strand

The bird sits on the lawn, waiting for the earthworm to make a wrong move.

The hawk sits on the tree branch, waiting for the mouse in the field to expose itself.

These two time/space alignments are all about physical space and physical force.  If the hunter is skilled and the hunted is careless, violence ensues.

Far more sophisticated is the alignment of emotions.

Consider Moses in the basket on the Nile, when the princess came to bathe.  Clearly timing played a role, as Jochebed knew the princess’ rhythm.  Equally, space played a role since Jochebed knew where to float the boat.

But central to the whole proposition was the princess’ heart.  And synchronizing to someone’s emotions is an extraordinary art form.

From the salesman trying to figure out when to transition from the pitch to the close, all the way to the lover trying to figure out if he has won the lady’s heart, synchronizing to someone else’s emotions is challenging.

But when you take it out of the natural, and put it in the frame of partnership with God, it becomes doable.

Jochebed did her best with time and space.  Miriam was most likely trained rigorously and played her part with precision as well.

But it was God who arranged the alignment of the princess’ heart so that the time and space dynamics rendered the right result.

Most of us can think of situations where we planned with precision, executed with care and failed miserably because the other person’s heart was not responsive.

When all three components are in place, it is a beautiful thing.

Copyright March 2018 by Arthur Burk 

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6 Responses to Time and Space #20: The Third Strand

  1. So if I “planned with precision, executed with care and failed miserably” does that mean God was not in it and never will be and I should abandon that project or endeavor?

    • SLG says:

      Nope, doesn’t necessarily mean that. Consider Hosea. He failed repeatedly with healing his wife, but God grew him incrementally through each failure until he succeeded magnificently.

  2. Mando Rodarte says:

    I’ve learned this in regards to the soundphetic and frequencies when releasing my hand drums. Timing is epic. However I didnt have all the verbiage, wow.

  3. aoifemkeegan says:

    Oooh! I never thought about time/space alignment in terms of emotions before! That gets my Mercy heart very excited! Lots to ponder…

  4. frieda says:

    I love every sentence and every way you looked at the things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooooooooh so love it !!! my heart flips that it so wants to see it more in my life , every day !!! I love those arrangements , how every thing works together with God …

  5. Jennifer says:


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