3. Innsbruck Strategy – The One and the Many

“The One and the Many” is a philosophical term.  There are several well written books on that theme by Rousas John Rushdoony.

It is essentially about the tension between community and the individual.  Golf is an individual game.  The one.  You win or lose based on your competence.  Football is a team sport.  The many.  You win or lose based on how others on the team perform or underperform.

There is huge frustration when one person plays extremely hard, another coasts and the lazy person costs everyone the game.

When you are a solitary individual, you are, in theory, not held back by anyone else’s inadequacies.  Golf.  You rise to the highest level of your actual ability.

On the other hand, your pool of resources is quite small.  You!

When you are in community, your options are vastly larger and you can consider more significant projects, but you are always at risk of being hampered by someone in community who pulls you down.

Now, let’s take that concept over to the spiritual realm where they play mean and dirty.

There is an institution that we have dealt with in the past.  The leadership is (so far as we can see) rather militantly, intentionally, sold out to darkness.  We went and hacked and whacked at that.

What happened was that they used their minions to take the spiritual heat for them.  The low level members of this community have been savagely spanked in a public, humiliating way.  And, so far as we can see, the leadership who committed the organization to darkness have escaped without judgment.

This is one of the ugliest sides of community – when the peons pay the price for the leadership’s malfeasance.  HAPPENSALLTHETIME.

We are sending our largest team back to that spot –  Target #2 – to hammer on the covenants that protect the guilty from the divine punishment due them and that cause the minions to pay a debt they don’t even know about.

So how do we select a team for that assignment?

Very simply, we need people who have wrestled with the dynamics of The One and the Many.

In other words, if you have been raised in a lovely family and you take for granted all their support, you would be in a privileged position, but would not have authority here.

And if you spurned all community long ago and have been a superbly effective lone ranger, you also don’t have authority here.

The team I have selected has bled deeply on this issue.

Many have been in dysfunctional families.  Some were smothering, controlling families and they had to decide to what degree to submit for the sake of peace, whether to leave completely and when to stand and try to redefine the family culture.

Others have been in a codependent relationship where the other party changed and they had to figure out how to – or whether to – reconnect with a different social contract.

Many have been through tough situations with a community of faith.

Most have had a range of difficult job situations.

There is not a RIGHT answer to the question of community.  Jesus overtly formed community.  On the one hand, community let him down badly at the most critical moment.  Talk about setting the bar low:  “Can’t you just stay awake, guys?”

His community ended up killing him.

But community also took Christianity from a handful of people to a billion.

On the other hand, there were plenty of times when Jesus simply ditched community because they were a liability, and He and Father needed to take care of business in a crisp fashion, without the slow pokes gumming up the works.

There is a time for the solitary walk and a time for community.  And those who have wrestled with the issue are the ones on this team.  Not all have come to a good resolution to the problem.  There are still some wide open discussions going on.

We don’t have the perfect labor pool of spiritual giants who have won all the important battles.  But for this team, we at least have to have people who have bled a little over The One and the Many, and have thought through how to position themselves.

Our objective is to bring justice to bear on the dark community, setting things right so that the covenant of protection over the leadership is stripped away, and they get justice served to them.

But before we can go there, people HAVE to have wrestled with the gnarly issue of The One and the Many.

The amount of anguish the individuals on this team have experienced with this sharp-edged issue will now be translated into spiritual authority against some cruel spiritual bullies.

Copyright March 2018 by Arthur Burk


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6 Responses to 3. Innsbruck Strategy – The One and the Many

  1. dietrichpo says:

    Very true outline on “One and Many”- topic. Let them have it!

  2. Neridda says:

    Arthur thank you so much for taking the time to think out loud. Would it be possible or appropriate to post a copy of the questions you have asked applicants to gather the necessary data that you are using? For those of us who would like a starting point for assessing our own lives and potential authority…

    • SLG says:

      I model this extensively in the album “Office of Personhood” but it is unique to each individual as I am following the trail of their passion.

  3. Gilda says:

    Makes one wonder where one has earned authority. Listening to these stories puts life in perspective.
    Makes me angry that the enemy is unfair in meting out punishment and protecting others.

  4. Jim Alseth says:

    One and the many… Makes me think of Caleb. Ready to possess his birthright, but chose to slog it out for 45 more years with a bunch of knuckleheads and at 85 hadn’t lost a step…

  5. Janis Leal says:

    Grrrrr….. That’s all the language I have for this right now…..

    (Lord, You know…. Go, team)!

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