Time and Space #21: Pushing It

Broadly we have been speaking about the beauty of time and space coming into alignment in the hand of God.

And occasionally we see and feel the consequences of time and space NOT being in alignment.

The third frame is when we try to force time to come into alignment on our terms when God is not in it.

Moses did that and it ended up in murder, exile and 40 years of fairly non-princely activities before it was really God’s time.

Just sayin’

Copyright March 2018 by Arthur Burk 

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3 Responses to Time and Space #21: Pushing It

  1. Noeleen says:

    I love this blog. So the miserable, disastrous mistake was ‘punished’ in a way got him to where he would have been or should have been? I hate the word ‘should’. So full of regret and nothingness. I wonder how the removal of the people of Israel from Egypt would have looked if Moses had had a different 40 years of training where there wasn’t the fairly significant ‘blip’ which led to his own exile. Training as a shepherd in another way? I’m very thankful that God seems to be often willing to be back ‘in’ even if it means painful punishment and exile. That there’s a possibility of an ‘and yet…’

  2. Yes we get the vision from Father,but our souls can push for in the natural first,rather than under headship of Father’s timing out of heavenly realms we try to do it for Him ,rather than synchronize and flow …

  3. Same with Joseph, bragging his way to princedom as a spoiled kid… and he was dumped pretty harshly…
    Just sayin’

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