When You Have More Than One Redemptive Gift

Over the years, I have received endless emails – short and gracious, long and nasty, and every other combination – exploring or defending the concept of someone having more than one redemptive gift in their soul.

My standard answer is in this paper, but here are some additional considerations.

One of the services I offer is to coach people who are ministering to others.  I am in touch with someone who does a complex blend of deliverance, inner healing, life coaching, developing your spirit and what not.

She has a client named “Sally” who is sure she is a Giver.  “Jasmine” the life coach is not convinced.  Sally certainly manifests a number of characteristics of Giver, but is missing many others.  An alternative gift, Exhorter, is discussed, but again, there are markers for Exhorter, but some significant missing characteristics.

Here are some of the ideas I tossed in Jasmine’s direction.

1.     Check for family imprint.

Was she raised in a family where either a Giver or an Exhorter ruled with a heavy hand and imprinted his or her nature, values and thought processes on all the kids?

2.     Is there a vanishing twin AHS?

3.     Is the portion of the spirit that matches the redemptive gift of the soul, missing?

Jasmine pushed back on that one and said that she had already checked and all of the portions of the spirit are present and accounted for.

4.     Then I suggested she check the Exhorter and Giver portions of her spirit to see if possibly one of them was a synthetic and not the real deal.

5.     Is there a wound to her core gift?

Often, the expression of a gift is warped in childhood because someone in the environment does not like some facet of the gift.  I was an extremely passionate Prophet kid, but passion was frowned on in childhood and deemed utterly inappropriate.  A great number of people in different contexts worked hard to mellow me out.

They failed utterly to mellow ME out, but they did succeed to tamp down my public presentation a LOT.  I am a wild man in private but rarely in public.

So it is entirely possible that Sally IS a Giver, but a few key facets of her Giver gift were roundly repudiated in childhood so she learned to shut them off from the public, therefore Jasmine can’t see them at present.

There is a floating lack of legitimacy in Sally (not much different than anyone else).  It is not pervasive and crippling, but pops up like a prairie dog with regularity.

It could be a standalone wound, or it could be related to #2, #4 or #5.  Once the redemptive gift issue is sorted out, it will be interesting to see if the prairie dog fades away on its own, or whether it needs to be hunted down and resolved as its own issue.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is methodical and Sally is willing, so I am sure something will become clear in time.

Copyright April 2018 by Arthur Burk

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2 Responses to When You Have More Than One Redemptive Gift

  1. The RG teaching is so transformational and helps me walk in the legitimacy I had longed for all my life. So many times in my heart I have thanked Father for the day you spoke into my life in San Antonio and I understood for the first time about the Mercy gift. Since that day I have been on a quest to know, understand more, and to help others see the beautiful way they have been designed by such a loving father.

    This teaching has become one of my life’s passions, and each time i teach it I get the same question. I appreciate you answer, and also agree totally with “no test.” Every time someone talks to be about what a test has shown, I cringe because it is as if they cannot hear what I say. They already have the answer in black and white on that test. Grrrr

    Also if each gift comes with a strong negative issue specific to that gift why would you want a second battle. I can only deal with the Mercy battle. And this Mercy battle is so fierce it takes all my spiritual strength to walk in freedom.

    Thank you for addressing this issue. And blessings on this move!

  2. Valynda Henington says:

    As I read through this, I so could identify with Sally!

    From the time which was sometime in 2008 that I came across the redemptive gifts teaching till January 2017 I could not figure out what my redemptive gift was. I pegged others in my circle, but could not get a grasp of my own and that bothered me. I showed traits of the Prophet and Giver as well, but did not have enough of the markers as you say, to definitely say it was one or the other.

    Then in January 2017 I listened, after the fact to the Worship and Warfare live stream: Defiance – Jealousy and at the end of the teaching. when you prayed and I partook communion, I literally felt jealousy come off of me. Didn’t even know that it had been present, but shortly after that day, so many different aspects of my life came into order and I got a clearer picture of what had been happening to me for the past 9 years. I’m still receiving revelation and insight to this day from no longer having it attached to me. One of those insights was finding out I was neither one of the above redemptive gifts, but was clearly Redemptive Gift of Teacher. Pretty much all the markers are there, and I now can see it very clearly and others can see it as well.

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