Hand to Hand Combat

In the early 1900s, warriors trained with bayonets for warfare that was highly intense, personal and risky.  But presumed necessary.

Today, technicians sit at a computer screen several nations away from combat and attempt to cause enemy casualties without any risk to themselves.

War has progressively evolved from a primary mindset of doing damage, to a primary mindset of self-preservation.

Now, imagine flipping it.  You take the drone operator out of his air-conditioned office and put him on the ground, facing a White nationalist demonstration that has turned into a full blown race riot.

He might feel just a tad bit ill equipped.

This is most of the church today.  We have become drone operators praying valiantly, asking God to deploy His angels to do prodigious feats at our command.

A few people staff the hospital in the rear echelons, offering deliverance and inner healing to civilian and military casualties of war.  Good people.  We need more of them.

But most Christians are unarmed believers, living in a war zone, wishing for peace, while doing all kinds of work-arounds to avoid the people who are hurtful.

Unfriending or banning someone on Facebook is simple.  However, it gets awkward and expensive to keep firing your boss, your pastor, your spouse or your doctor.

That means, we need to become skilled at hand to hand combat.  We need to be able to silence the demons in other people without drama, against their will, effectively, so we can do Kingdom work.

Work-arounds is another word for running.  This is not our primary calling as Noble Subjects.

So do an assessment of your environment.

-Do you have a boss who is routinely unjust to you and others, or who violates your boundaries with time, or who uses shame as a tool?  It might be he simply has a rotten management style on top of a broken soul, but it might also be that he is packing a load of critters who need an education.

-What about your family?  Do you have a spouse or a child who is routinely verbally cruel or who has a hair trigger temper?  Might be their junk.  Might be their critters.

-What about your community?  Is there someone overtly making a play for your spouse?  Is there someone with a foul mouth who you just can’t avoid?  Is there someone who routinely steps into your space and violates your boundaries — knowingly?

Have you cried out to God relentlessly about these situations and nothing changes?  Have you tried to keep low profile but that just draws those people even more?  Have you broken every curse you can imagine and done deliverance on yourself and nothing has improved?

Then it might be time for a new style of warfare — hand to hand combat.  This is where you deliberately, overtly engage their demons and neutralize them.

I will be teaching on this and modeling it on the Live Stream on Saturday, May 5th, 2018.  This is going to be a new chapter in SLG’s history as we change our culture significantly to include frequent use of these tools.

Warfare doesn’t heal wounds.  But it sure is helpful at neutralizing demons in people who don’t think they have any.

I believe you owe it to your community to listen to this teaching.  Even if you are living at peace with all men, there are those you know who are not and they may need it.

I am well aware that some people will find this approach unacceptable for whatever reasons.  This is SLG, after all, and we are each on our own journey.

But the amount of devouring the enemy is doing these days is so immense, that I respectfully ask each person reading this to consider at least listening to the broadcast, live or from the archive, before discarding the tool.

Here is the link for the Live Stream on May 5th.

Copyright April 2018 by Arthur Burk

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11 Responses to Hand to Hand Combat

  1. Becky Dymond says:

    Wow!! I listened to the “Got Predators” Live Stream yesterday! It was the best $7/90 minutes of time investment I have made in the last number of years!! It is empowering, strategic and practical. The piece about insurgency always following warfare was a much needed course correction for me and the ministry I oversee. Don’t know why I ever thought it would be any different for us than it was for Nehemiah and crew where they had a weapon in one hand and building tools in the other.

    Right after I heard the teaching I went to war and there were immediate improvements for the situations I addressed using this strategy!! : >

  2. Janis says:

    In these days of the Jezebel we need more tools of combat. Been inventing my own but at best it’s armed truce with the manifesting critters of people within family Outward apparent peace is better than the bloody armed conflict that drags in innocents, and confines the actual subtle warfare to the primary combatants who know exactly how things stand. That by itself requires intentionality and control of self. We live in the Age of Character Disturbance (aka by me, ‘ the jezebel’), a term coined by Dr. George Simon Jr, and we need all the tools and weapons possible to do more than hold our own defensive position, and take back ground both now and generationally. We are supposed to “go and be dangerous”!
    Thanks once again Arthur.

  3. Emilie Huxley says:

    I’m amazingly chomping at the bit for this teaching! Inside, I’m stamping my feet that it is still weeks away rather than right now! But what I’m finding is that Holy Spirit has me cleaning house and getting many things in order, and aligned in this time of anticipation. I’m walking through other teachings, and sharpening other tools that I’d let get dull with encouraging results. So while I think I’m ready right this moment for hand to hand combat, Holy Spirit is graciously prepping me TO be ready! …..but I can’t WAIT!!!

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  5. Barry Leisegang says:

    Thank you.this is so true.Thank you for saying it.

  6. Lisa says:

    Thank you. This is so needed. There was a time I felt I was doing really well in this area, but recently just feeling worn down and surprised at some of the things I tolerate and don’t address when I clearly know better! I am excited to hear what you have to say!

  7. jane62 says:

    This. is. it. It is time. Enough is enough. Finally learning the word Defiance. When the pain you are in becomes (perceived as) greater than the pain of doing something drastic (standing up to the enemy), then ….
    I’m looking forward to THIS. Hope I can listen live, but if not, no matter.
    Time to draw a BIG LINE. Quietly, without drama.
    Thanking you, Arthur, with determined anticipation.

  8. Karen says:

    This is exactly what I have been hoping to find. I KNOW I am standing insufficiently armed on a battlefield, and I am kinda tired of hiding in a shell crater.

  9. Daphne says:

    Yes! It’s about time! Thank you for offering this! Subscribed but will be traveling on the 5th, will catch it from the archive afterwards. Excited! This part, “..most Christians are unarmed believers, living in a war zone, wishing for peace..” My… don’t we all know a few, I used to be one myself…

  10. Brant says:

    Thank you Arthur! I anticipate the broadcast; subscribed! Got a major hit with these two sentences:

    “That means, we need to become skilled at hand to hand combat. We need to be able to silence the demons in other people without drama, against their will, effectively, so we can do Kingdom work.”

    “Then it might be time for a new style of warfare — hand to hand combat. This is where you deliberately, overtly engage their demons and neutralize them.”

  11. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for offering this tool— too many times I’m working around someone whose critters are interfering but the person doesn’t believe in them (or want to)! Sooo hoping i can readily use this and dial down some drama 😉

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