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Sally #7: A New Heart

I checked with Sally this morning.  She reported the most savage demonic attack over the weekend she had ever experienced. This is new ground for me.  Over the years I have walked with a number of people who have a … Continue reading

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Goodbye #9: Closure without Resolution

I had postponed the trip to Oxnard and Ventura because of the pain from that season.  I figured it was going to be a knuckle-buster of a goodbye.   In addition to the high pain level of that chapter, back then … Continue reading

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Goodbye #8: Surprised by Emotions

Again! Today, David and Reuben showed up at 9:00 to dismantle the video studio.  We have never worked together before, so I started out at a very slow pace, showing how I wanted them to protect the desk spaces. Once … Continue reading

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Sally #6: Red and Black Light

Sally had a wild week with ups and downs.  First job was to restore her perspective. I pointed out to her that in this season of recovery, the attacks continue to be harsh and frequent.  We measure three things. -Are … Continue reading

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Goodbye #7: The Last Ticket

August and September are going to be complicated. We ship Ann’s car to South Carolina so it will be waiting for her there. I go to South Carolina to find an apartment and some office space.  I set up a … Continue reading

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Julie #2: Luciferian Shell

I checked in with Julie this morning and the three rescued ones were still in rough shape in spite of the nurture from Original Self.  I pondered and felt I should intervene. Since they came from the Egyptian sector, which … Continue reading

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Julie #1: Learning Diagnostics

Julie came to me years ago with a basic deliverance problem.  I worked with her a few times in person and then over the phone.  It was aggravating that she would often have to interrupt our sessions because she needed … Continue reading

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Sally #5: Sally’s Back

When the Spirit told me to have Sally’s spine tuned up to the original frequencies, I simply obeyed without knowing the implications. I have a pretty simple worldview at times.  If God likes something a particular way, I like it … Continue reading

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