Memories of July 4th

The 4th of July.  American Independence Day.  Most people have a lot of memories from this holiday.

Personally, I am a bit out of step with the culture.  I never figured out how to experience joy, pleasure or fulfillment out of watching my money go “bang.”

But, as usual, I do have other memories.

In working with survivors, we deal with a lot of tough stuff – wounds, critters, structures, programming.  But the most challenging barrier to spiritual and emotional help is the religious spirit.

My most challenging case ever, was a lady who had been assaulted for years by sundry religious practitioners, not the least of which was someone who “fixed” her human spirit completely.

It was fixed all right.

It was so traumatized by that lady’s hammering on it, that it took me one full year of regularly working with “Sally” before her spirit would respond to me at all.

Now, admittedly, that was MANY years ago, and hopefully my technique has improved somewhat since then.  But still, the religious people acted on her spirit instead of engaging with her spirit, and her spirit was unhelped in any way and became quite hostile to anyone offering “help.”

Nonetheless, I have some smidgens of endurance, and eventually, on the 4th of July one year, the Servant portion of her spirit risked engagement with me and we had a GRAND time getting acquainted.

From that meager beginning, Sally was able to eventually find the other six portions of her spirit, rebuild the Seat of Dominion, and have her spirit take a leading role in working with her many parts during the succeeding years.

Not all of her healers understood her spirit, but she became fairly adept at engaging with her spirit, on her own, to advance her journey.

I think we have managed to connect every year on the 4th to savor and celebrate the original engagement with Servant, as well as for me to get caught up with what is going on in her life.

Today was different in that Servant advised me a few days ago that she was not happy with life.  So today, when we talked, we explored the impasse.

Basically, Servant was going nowhere.  The spirit as a whole was in the Seat of Dominion.  There was no trouble.  Also no fulfillment.  Servant felt like she was just a placeholder.

I pointed out to “Sally” that this was partially her fault because in the last few years she had made integration of her “parts” the priority and had, in fact, made tremendous, magnificent progress with measurable, verifiable, sustained changes in her life as a result.

Pragmatically, there are only so many hours in the week to work on your journey, and she had chosen to invest in the pain points (her soul), instead of her treasure (her spirit).  Nothing new or surprising there.

Sally can, if she wishes, make an overall course correction in terms of her priorities.

Or not.

But then, speaking to Servant, I explored the future.  She is in a phase where she needs fathering.  By definition, that means someone (1) discovering her treasures and (2) helping her unpack them.

I suggested she have a conversation with Jesus asking two things:

-What is in her that He wants to unpack that Servant does not know about?

-What circumstances are in her present world that would contribute to the unpacking process?

My presupposition is that Jesus is way out ahead of her in the fathering department and has already lined up all the circumstances needed to “facilitate” this next season of growth for Servant.

Jesus will be doing the fathering at this stage since she has grown far in her DIY skill sets and the spirit is quite comfortable discussing life with Jesus.

She immediately did what most people do, which is to look at what she thinks she has, (instead of asking Jesus about the things she had no clue are there) and discussed a possible exploration of music.

I observed that it was a long journey from not knowing anything about an instrument to having enough skill that there is fulfillment, and a Servant can rarely do anything for themselves very long.  Therefore, pragmatically, it was unlikely that Servant would unpack that resource.

BUT . . . there is a workaround.  Servants will usually do much more for the person they are loyal to than for themselves.  So I suggested that if this is the direction she chose to go, she ask Jesus what He placed the music in her for?

Was it for dominion in some way?  Or was it for intimacy?  Was it for people, or creation or Him?

If she could see her treasures through the eyes of the King, the probability of her unpacking her treasures FOR HIM would be vastly greater than simply doing them for herself.

She concurred.

Check back next 4th of July for the next chapter of the story!

Copyright July 2018 by Arthur Burk


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8 Responses to Memories of July 4th

  1. Carla Hereford says:

    How can I get counselling ? Locate someone that uses your techniques?

  2. Carla Hereford says:

    How can I get counselling?

    • SLG says:

      Carla, this is not something we offer. We focus on research and I “experiment” with a very few people God directs me to walk with for a little while, but we don’t offer counseling as a service and don’t have a referral network. A lot of people find a friend her or on our Facebook page that walks with them through a DIY process.

  3. Frances says:

    Thank you for this post. Something just “clicked” on the inside!

  4. Megan Caldecourt says:

    Thanks for sharing the process! What a difference between pursuing the numbers below zero and the numbers above. May Sally make great progress this year in unpacking the treasures.

  5. Daphne says:

    My oh my! “Fathering, by definition…” After all these years, I finally have language to describe what happened to me in July of 1980, and my life has not been the same since. I paid a short visit to my parents overseas, and one afternoon, my dad simply helped me to (1) discover my treasures and (2) helped me unpack them, without knowing exactly what he was doing. But he did the right thing! My parents are now with the Lord. I am just overwhelmed. God is good!

  6. Jayney Librizzi says:

    I love this, I have been aware that fathering is where God is wanting to take me so the questions you asked her were very helpful to think about. thanks again Arthur

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