Three Treasures

We dropped Megan off at the airport this morning.  She is off to some family celebrations.  SLG has finished an intense two months of deadline after deadline and we are all sick and tired of the pressure.

Glad she gets some playtime, including walking on water.

Serina and I came to the office, did some admin and then jumped into some much desired physical work — otherwise known as “getting ready to move.”

We have racks of stuff in the warehouse that have been massively thinned already, but the never-used stuff on the top shelves needed attention.  Since she was available to help with the old-fashioned download, we tackled that.

By the time we were done, the dumpsters were groaning and the shelves were looking good!

We found three treasures along the way.  One was a hermetically sealed black box that I thought I had lost.  Way back in the distant past, I served as a stateside contact point for some missionaries overseas.  I kept all their correspondence and added a bunch of period mementos like the very last Sears Roebuck catalog ever issued to make a time capsule out of it.


I am delighted to have stumbled across it, way at the back of the top shelf, behind the old tax papers!

Now I need to track them down and send it to them, for their kids to read and see what it was like when their parents were young newlyweds.

Then Serina stumbled across some of the old cassette albums from Plumbline days and being the VERY sentimental creature that she is, has immediately snagged a bunch of them to take home in her already brutally overstuffed suitcase.


The fact that she does not own a cassette player doesn’t affect her decision at all!

And I found my dad’s old canvas sea bag from back in the 1940s, when he was a radio operator in the merchant marines, which I also used in my immense “rite of passage” adventure when I paddled 100 kilometers down the Guama River to Belem.

And in spite of the fact that I have no functional need for it at all, and I have not even the smallest molecule of sentimentality in me, anywhere at all, it will go to South Carolina.


A good day’s work.

Copyright July 2018 by Arthur Burk

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6 Responses to Three Treasures

  1. jewestaway says:

    The ‘Sentimental Bloke’! Ha! Sprung!
    Bless your raw honesty in sharing these varying farewells with us.
    May these blessings, of the ‘going out’ and then in the ‘coming in’ be rich and deep and with heaps more hugs from Daddy God, for you and all your family.

  2. Serina Fleck says:

    I so love the sea bag from your Dad. Sooooo much history and that you have used it even when you had your rite of passage adventure. What a gift that you found it.

    It was surely a good day and a very sentimental one.

  3. Pamela says:

    Hmmm, long lost treasure you weren’t really even looking for. MAN I hope there’s a spiritual parallel for you! In this process of moving and so much very big change, I pray you get to rediscover treasure in you that got stuck under boxes some place.

    • Janis Leal says:

      Pamela B. — I was thinking the same thing about the spiritual parallel.

      And coming into agreement with you on ALL treasures to be discovered or rediscovered in this transition….

  4. Janis Leal says:

    Woowwww…. Truly treasure!

    And, um… “I have not even the smallest molecule of sentimentality in me, anywhere at all…,” says Arthur. Well, now…. good thing you’ve got the “forward thinking” prophet stuff (with maybe a dash, but NEVER, EVER a molecule, of course, of sentimentality…) in you to take that VERY SPECIAL bag of your Dad’s….

    Good, good thing for that dash….

    Beautiful. Love it all — Thanks for sharing the joy.

  5. ghaggerty says:

    “…and I have not even the smallest molecule of sentimentality in me, anywhere at all…” Really? 🙂

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