Sally #1: The Other Dance

I love the dance from son to bride.  But I also love the dance from principle to discernment and back again.

Here is one such story.

Sally came to me via a number of other healers who could not break through the impasse.  She had some very familiar pain spots in her life, but they did not respond to the tools being used.

She was also obviously struggling badly with critters, but no amount of covenant breaking and deliverance seemed to make any difference.

I asked if she had done any work with her spirit, and she said it was simply not there – totally unresponsive.

I thought I would try anyway, so I said, “I am speaking in the direction of Sally’s God-given human spirit.  I wonder if anyone is there who would be willing to talk, briefly.  I have a couple of questions.”  (Or something more or less like that!)

There was silence for a while, then Sally said, tentatively, “I heard a weak ‘Yes.'”

My first step was to say I was concerned about her safety.  I asked if she was guarded or it was safe to talk.

She replied much more quickly, but carefully, “Guarded.”

I asked, “Demon or Nephilim?”

She said, “Nephilim.”

So I hacked and whacked in that direction for a while.  Sally did not have enough discernment to tell me if it had left, and Nephilim are very prone to just make themselves small and wait until the assault has blown over.

I was not concerned about winning the battle with Nephilim right then.  My target was that portion of the spirit.

I then asked the spirit whether it was safer now.  (Note I did not ask if it was gone).

She replied that she could not see it anymore.  I noted the ambiguity of the answer for future reference.

Then the Holy Spirit told me that this was the Servant portion.  LOVE the inside information.

So I asked her, “Any chance that you are the Servant portion of Sally’s spirit?”

She acknowledged that she was.

I celebrated her courage in stepping out even when she was guarded.  I shared that often, when the human spirit has been hammered, the last one standing is the Servant portion.

Now, my real objective was to find out whether she had been messed with between eternity and time.  I knew a bit about the post-conception junk, but the fact that previous healers had not been able to budge things made me wonder about a per-conception event.

I asked if she remembered anything about assault or damage on the transition and she hedged, just referencing darkness being invasive.

Then I changed the subject and asked if she had any exposure to Jesus.  She said there was just a vague knowledge of Him.

This was significant because Sally is a walking-tall Christian with a deep commitment and a lot of knowledge.

I asked if she could trust me enough for me to ask Jesus to come introduce Himself to her.

She was becoming more comfortable with our conversation by now, so she fairly easily said “Yes.”

I invited Jesus to come however He wished and then I waited.

Servant reported that she didn’t see anything, but her essence was filled with light and warmth, both of which were a very new experience for her.

Looks to me as though Jesus purged the darkness she picked up in the messy journey from eternity to the present.

I celebrated her newfound relationship with Jesus and said I would talk to her another time.

* * *
There is something so profound for me when someone on a tough journey connects with some part of their spirit the first time, and the same is true when some part of the spirit connects with Jesus the first time.


Copyright July 2018 by Arthur Burk

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