Sally #2: Nimble = Orange

I am the founder and President for Life of the Anti Sausage Factory Association.

God is too extraordinary to do the same old, same old, time and again.

I circled back around to check on Sally today.  Things were well after we finished ministry yesterday.  Servant continues to have some modest freedom to be, although well surrounded by evil and danger.

Sally slept long which was a stunning milestone since she has existed on two or three hours of tormented sleep for a long time.

I queried Servant about the condition of the Seat of Dominion.  She said it was gone, taken to the Underground.

First, that is new to me.  Didn’t know the critters could do that.

Second, it made a lot of sense.  The Underground is the headquarters for the whole Egyptian sector of darkness and everything else about her journey has been of the Egyptian nature, so this fits, even though it was new to me.

I am feeling pretty soggy this morning, so was not up for a major rumble.  I decided to bookmark that bit of ugliness and see if I could pick off some low hanging fruit today, instead.

Sally volunteered that there is a blockage between her head and the rest of her body.  No surprise there.  She has ample reason to not like and not want to feel her body

I asked Jesus if He would come, open the drain and flush out of her all of the pain and toxicity that has built up over the years and to replace it with life and vitality, down to the cellular level.

Eventually she reported a lot of pain in the process, but that her body felt different and she could see different colors throughout her body.  Her brain was still dark.

Not acceptable.

Since we are doing Egypt with her, I asked God to do the light/darkness thing from the Ten Plagues in her brain, so her brain would be full of light, and the evil ones would be paralyzed with darkness in their domain.

Long silence.

Finally she said, her body has different colors in it, but her head was flooded with orange light.

I smiled.

The colors of the rainbow parallel the seven redemptive gifts.

The Servant is orange.

I told Servant to marinate in her color.

And THAT is why I am the President for Life of the Anti-Sausage Factory Association.

I am absolutely in awe of God’s infinite, majestic, stunning, creativity in the healing process.

Never seen orange light in the brain before, but I sure can be nimble, turn on a dime and leave you 11 cents change.


Copyright July 2018 by Arthur Burk

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  1. ghaggerty says:

    Wow! While you may be President-for-Life of the Anti-Sausage Factory Association, you sure are good in taking us for a tour to show how it’s made! Thanks for taking us along on this journey.

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