Sally #3: A Cage Jesus Would Not Open

I spoke with “Sally” today.  Servant is still holding her own.  Sally is still smacked around a bit with the brokenness in her life and the critters that are still intrusive.

But we are trying to tamp them down as briskly as possible and focus on moving forward.

Once one portion of the spirit is identified and is communicating, my objective is to find the rest.

After a microscopic amount of small talk today, I explained to Servant the objective.  I acknowledged that she did not know where they were but said she could probably sense the general direction.

I asked if she had a preference who we went after next and she nominated Prophet.  I was fine with that.

I asked her to focus in front, behind, to the right and the left, then up and down, and see if any one of those six directions held a clue as to where Prophet might be.

She came back pretty quickly with the info that Prophet is in a cage, in Sally’s heart.

Note to self:  Servant’s discernment is growing rapidly.  I don’t need to mollycoddle her with baby steps!

I asked permission to speak to Prophet.  Got it.  My sense is that Prophet is male, but Servant could not confirm that.

Spoke in his direction and asked if he wanted out of the cage.  He said yes.

I asked Jesus to come and remove the cage.  Nothing happened.

So I went back to Prophet and suggested that maybe he had built the cage by not wanting to give or receive love, because it was too dangerous.

I derived that as just a guess, since the cage was in the heart.

I agreed that giving and receiving love was one of the most dangerous and potentially hurtful activities in the world, but it could, under the right circumstances, be beneficial too.

And I observed that what he had presently was not sparkly.

He pondered.

I asked if he was willing to risk learning how to give and receive love safely and beneficially.

He agreed to consider the theoretical possibility.

I observed that since he built the cage, that is probably why Jesus did not come to remove it.  But now that he had explored an alternative course of action, he should try the door and see if it would open.

To his shock it did.

Putting one foot out was really scary.  Servant encouraged him.  And now, he is in Sally’s head somewhere, out of sight, and not communicating.

We hope everything is OK.  He is probably just overwhelmed.

Sally said that Prophet looked small and wizened, not full size like Servant.  No surprise.

Work to do.

For now, the inside and outside worlds are still unstable, but we are two for seven portions of the spirit and trying to stay on track, in spite of the instability in soul, body, community and what not.

Copyright July 2018 by Arthur Burk

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