Sally #4: Didn’t See That One Coming

Sally called again today.  Before I could do my check up on the Servant and Prophet portions of her spirit, she had really good news she just HAD to share with me.

In the last few days, she had experienced a whole lot of familiar attacks, but in one case, she had fought back successfully, by herself.

After decades of massive powerlessness, she had finally gained a smidgen of dominion and she was beyond excited.  She loudly proclaimed that what we are doing IS working.

We checked with Servant and she is strong and vibrant but is blocked from going to the brain.  There was some kind of device in Sally’s throat that was a barrier.

Based on some prior experience, I guessed it was the Spirit of Death that had built a structure there.  I invoked Rev. 3:7-8 and asked Jesus to kick the door in.

There was some manifestation, but after the brief drama, Servant reported a clear passageway.

At this point, I got an “Elbow” and heard that those critters had built a structure in her gut that was “parallel” and Leviathan would hide in the structure so he would not have to hear and obey me.

Tell you what, deliverance is easy when you are working with inside information.  I just hope no one at the SEC reads this.

Anyway, I repeated that back to Jesus and He took care of business.

There was no urgency on her part to try out the access to the brain, so I shrugged it off and told her she was doing a great job, staying steady.

I spoke to Prophet with no response.  Servant said he was paralyzed but heard me.

Paralysis is so often caused by the Spirit of Death, so I had a little chat with that one and the paralysis was quickly over.  Once you have won a solid victory over a particular critter in one zone, it is easy to migrate the victory to the rest of the person.

I was getting ready to see what I could do to resource Prophet now that he could wiggle, when the Holy Spirit stopped me and flashed a picture of a voodoo doll filled with needles.

It was done in such a way as to communicate to me that it was a clue, not a statement.

I pondered that and ended up with the “image” of the Antichrist that was made to “live.”  In our modern language, it was a robot, with artificial intelligence.

From there, I surmised that the dark side had made a clone of her essence and were playing her, like the voodoo doll.

It was a new thought to me, but let me tell you – around here, new thoughts don’t get much time to grow up!  I invoked Hebrews 4:12 and asked Jesus to retrieve any of her essence the other side had, and then to exterminate any synthetic “Sally” so that they no longer could yank her around.

While it was a new thought, it certainly fit because all her other healers had been able to repeatedly get her relief, but nothing ever lasted.  If there was an offsite replica of her, and the critters could jerk her leash with impunity, because they were not “there” around her, it would explain the repetitive nature of the attacks.

She reported that there was a lot going on for a few minutes, then her whole inner world was flooded with light like she had never seen.

Sounded good to me.

Then another Elbow and God directed me to the frequencies around her spine.  I asked the Holy Spirit to bring the Tuning Fork of God and to strike it repeatedly, until her whole spine was tuned back to the specific frequencies she was supposed to resonate to.

I can’t remember how we got there, but somehow in this section of the conversation, it came out that she has a hearing anointing, hearing many things in the dark spiritual realm.  She had, of course, cursed it many times, because it was such torment to hear the sounds of darkness all the time.

I asked what natural sound she loved the best and she said a small stream as it flows away from a mountain spring.  I urged her to find such a place and record that sound so she could play it for herself when the spiritual sound turned ugly.

She excitedly reported that she already had about five minutes of that from a previous mountain excursion.

We parked it there.

When doing new stuff like this, we have no idea whether this is just a minor tune up – like new windshield wipers – or a massive lurch forward, like a new transmission installed.

Meanwhile, we will watch and see.  Goose bumps during an event are plentiful and we had both manifestations and beauty today.  But they are mostly irrelevant.

Remains to be seen what life is like on Monday morning when the pesky outside world intrudes on her life again.

Copyright July 2018 by Arthur Burk

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2 Responses to Sally #4: Didn’t See That One Coming

  1. Jim Alseth says:

    Awesome. Thanks for this Arthur. The diagnostic insights, progressions, revelations, all dancing with HS and your spirits, are so helpful…

  2. Elaine Bacio says:

    The Tuning Fork of God!!! I love it! I’m currently shopping for a set of tuning forks but I think I have found the Perfect One!

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