Sally #5: Sally’s Back

When the Spirit told me to have Sally’s spine tuned up to the original frequencies, I simply obeyed without knowing the implications.

I have a pretty simple worldview at times.  If God likes something a particular way, I like it that way too.

So I asked.  He did.  And the buzz didn’t last long.

Today I received an interesting email from Sally saying that she has historically had a weak back.  She slouches.  Has difficulty walking upright.

There is no medically visible impediment.  She is just accused of having bad posture.

Today, the day after the prayer time, she went for a walk in her city, as she often does, and noticed to her surprise that without any effort she was standing tall and walking upright, easily.

Go figure.  So THAT is what the tuning fork was about.

Copyright July 2018 by Arthur Burk

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4 Responses to Sally #5: Sally’s Back

  1. Daphne says:

    I “naturally” slouch, but I do work hard on not-to, with much intentional effort every time. After reading “Sally’s spine tuned up this afternoon”, I tried that on myself. I have been naturally standing & sitting tall since, Not wanting to slouch! I find this very, very interesting! Will try this on some family members… How exciting & interesting! Arthur, thank you again for sharing. I am very excited about Sally’s healing progress, especially with the colors coming back part. My son also experienced that when he committed his life to Jesus & got water baptized. He kept telling me about suddenly seeing colors in his brain! A bit faint, but it contrasted from the previous grey. I had no idea what he was talking about until today! Will share this with him when I get a chance. Perhaps got some new DIY to do, how exciting! So Thankful!

  2. Barb says:

    Thankyou for sharing the details of this process. It is very helpful.

  3. Julian F says:

    Thank you for the play by play with all five of those. So helpful. Can you say about how long that was, like a week between engagements to let things readjust so you can continue?

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