Julie #1: Learning Diagnostics

Julie came to me years ago with a basic deliverance problem.  I worked with her a few times in person and then over the phone.  It was aggravating that she would often have to interrupt our sessions because she needed to use the bathroom.

At the time, she had a wide array of physical and spiritual issues, so I just shrugged it off as something that would sort itself out over time.

It apparently didn’t.  She pinged me recently because just about everything else in her life has come into alignment, including a lot of physical things, but she was still having to pee a LOT, and the timing was suspicious on many, many occasions.

I am not a doctor, but I floated a handful of possible biological causes.  One was enough of a possibility I suggested she get a medical professional to check it out.

Then I went to work trying to find the beginning of the problem, because that is a very useful tool for understanding the hidden dynamics.

I checked childhood.  Did she get in trouble at school for not being able to wait until recess to go to the bathroom?


Checked on a hospitalization, since AHS are always a risk factor there.


Missions trip.


A particular crisis with a very close friend.  I didn’t know what effect that could possibly have on her bladder, but it was such a defining point in her life, I thought it was worth a look.


Finally we nailed the onset to a particular period of time, related to a job she had.  We now knew the time of the onset.  The real question was, the cause.  I scrolled through awkward people situations at that job that I knew about.  Nothing.

We looked at building dynamics and found some possibilities, but nothing convincing.

So at that point, I had pretty much exhausted what her soul could tell us and I had to segue to a blend of human spirit, Holy Spirit and principle.   I know that often the spirit cannot fill in a blank piece of paper, but if I float some straw men, it will usually be able to recognize the issue, or at least move us a step in the right direction.

Now, a side note here.  I am passionate about design and the enemy is too.  He will save his most nefarious attacks for our core strengths.

I look first and foremost at a person’s connection with the Trinity.  Those who are called to flow in the dynamics of God the Father, have a call to community in some form or another.  Those who are called to flow in the dynamics of Jesus Christ will be focused on restoring dominion in some place or another.  And those who are called to flow in the dynamics of the Holy Spirit will be called to engage with the life of God in nature.

Broadly speaking that last category is a huge problem in the church.  If you are doing healing miracles, or signs and wonders, then the Holy Spirit component is legitimized.  However, there is so much more to this field than just healings.

I knew Julie was emerging into her calling to engage with creation at this time although she did not know it. We saw that in retrospect some time ago, when she described that season of her life.  She was just following her spirit back then, but one particular Christian at the place where she worked was notably unsupportive of this emerging facet of Julie’s life.

So that is data I already had from having listened to bits of her journey over the years. Then there was a grid of principles that I also drew from.  The perversion of God the Father’s work is the Edomite Heresy, the perversion of Jesus’ work is the Babylonian Heresy, and the perversion of the Holy Spirit’s work is the Egyptian Heresy.

Since I knew she was called to express the Holy Spirit’s work somewhere in relationship to creation, I had every reason to believe I would trip across the Egyptian Heresy and more particularly the Egyptian Underground at some point in time in ministry to her.

With that in mind, I decided to float some possibilities for her spirit to ping.  Two were things I didn’t think were the case, one was a live option and the last was a long shot.  The Holy Spirit was quite silent today, so I was having to listen to my spirit and do some guessing.

I ended up floating four possibilities.  I can’t remember what my red herrings were, but she immediately teared up with an unexpected surge of strong emotion when I asked if the Egyptian Underground was holding some part of her essence hostage or had a structure they were manipulating.

Clearly it was a hostage situation.

Nothing new here.  We have seen it from time to time over the years, in people who have a call to creation.  Our usual protocol is to ask Jesus to go into the underground and bring out the hostages.

I did.

He didn’t.

Back in my Calvinist days, when Jesus didn’t partner with me in deliverance, I would immediately go on a hunt for sin in my life.  Now, I approach it in quite the opposite manner.  If God declines to show up for any rumble, it is usually because He has a higher opinion of me than I do of myself.  Meaning, He knows I can handle it on my own.

So, I took a deep breath, spoke in the direction of the Egyptian Underground and told them it was game over.  They needed to give up their hostage.

At the same time, Julie and I both heard from the Spirit that there were actually three hostages.  Inside information is always appreciated.

Not only that, but I had a bigger card to play.  I told the overlords of the Underground that the Holy Spirit had told me there were three, therefore there was nothing they could do to convince me this wasn’t going to happen.  It was definitely Julie’s day for freedom as determined by The Almighty, so they should hand them over quickly, without violence.

There was the usual trash talk, but after a couple of minutes, the hostages were released and were delivered to Original Self.  They were in pretty rough shape, but will be nurtured tenderly for a few days until we engage in some dialog.

We are wondering who they are.  It seems as though there are two and one, with different natures.  It would be easy to just say “They are parts” but our sense is that there is something more here.

We will feel our way along as they recover and become communicative.

Meanwhile, Julie is trying to recreate the trail from peeing too much to the Egyptian Underground.

How EXACTLY did we get THERE from HERE?

Copyright July 2018 by Arthur Burk




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7 Responses to Julie #1: Learning Diagnostics

  1. Brant says:

    Wow, this post gripped me. Had multiple hits when reading. Processing now. Thank you Arthur! From your experience, is the hostage situation primarily from a Creation/Holy Spirit call? I have been wondering about a hostage situation for some of my parts. Like something overrides my will and I end up sabotaging my connection with my spiritman or the Spirit of God, requiring a manual reset to get everything back online, but the lingering fear of it happening as soon as I progress another step towards success. Most of the time I discern Jesus the Word in/through creation. I’m very curious about her parts, as I’ve felt the same, “something more here”. Anticipating a potential teaching. Blessings!

  2. Adam says:

    This post was very helpful. A role I often find myself in group prayer situations is the diagnostician. The whole trail of walking through a mix of colors of authority, principles, and discernment paints a high resolution picture of how to engage in spiritual diagnostics. I also love the spirit of sonship about the way you navigate repeated failure, by not taking it personal and staying in the game.

    I have struggled immensely with hearing my own human spirit, other people’s spirits, or the voices of the Trinity. When you wrote the statement that the human spirit usually can’t fill in a blank page, but can respond when you float ideas and options before it, that clicked something in place for me. The few times I got a response was when I cycled through principles and ideas in my head that there was this emotional “that’s it moment” that I think came from my human spirit. It only happened in narrow niche areas of prayer, but that is at least a start. I will be using this when I am teaching on diagnostics and the human spirit.

  3. Rebekah says:

    I’m enjoying you enjoying your joy in the intricate process!

    I think this might be the first time I’ve heard you use the term — Egyptian Underground. Is it just a broad term that refers to the whole sector of Egyptian spirits, or is it a specific entity? Just curious.

    • SLG says:

      The Egyptian Underground is a sector of the whole Egyptian mess. It is sort of like a different dimension, for lack of better language. There is a large spiritual ecosystem with a set of rules and procedures that is rather consistent. I am still feeling my way along with this one and will probably produce a teaching somewhere along the way.

  4. Maria says:

    “From peeing to much to the Egyptian Underground.” Umm, only at SLG! Makes me giggle.

    More importantly, the idea and phrase, “Julie’s day for freedom,” hit me hard. I’m owning that one–there are days of freedom for me too, determined by the Almighty! I’m ready to go in search of them, help make those days happen! I’ve been letting that quest for freedom slide, but it’s time to get back in the fight!

    Once again, thank you, Arthur.

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