Julie #2: Luciferian Shell

I checked in with Julie this morning and the three rescued ones were still in rough shape in spite of the nurture from Original Self.  I pondered and felt I should intervene.

Since they came from the Egyptian sector, which is the perversion of the Holy Spirit, I asked the Spirit to come and blow through them, purging them from the emotions of pain, sadness, powerlessness, abandonment, etc.

Nothing happened.

I wondered if the dark side had made a clone of them and were still controlling the little ones from the Underground.  We see this from time to time.  Think of the Tribulation.  The Antichrist and the False Prophet will create an “image” of the Antichrist — which we would call a robot.  The second beast was given power to “give breath” to the robot so that “the image could speak” — which we call artificial intelligence.

We find these synthetic beings from time to time controlling a whole person, or their soul or a part from a distance.

I asked Jesus to go to the Underground on a search-and-destroy mission to eliminate any long distance control through robots or synthetics or clones or whatever you want to call them.

Nothing happened.

When I have two misfires, I back up and check my presuppositions.  I asked the human spirit to assess the three newbies carefully to determine whether they ARE human essence, and whether the essence was Julie’s.  I have found everyone’s spirit to be 100% accurate in determining what is essence and what is a scam of some sort.

Exhorter reported with great confidence, yes and yes.

I remembered that the Holy Spirit told both Julie and me that there were three, not one hostage.  AND the Egyptian Underground obeyed me.

So based on those three evidences, I decided we were on solid ground and moved ahead with trying to cleanse the newbies.

I sat in silence trying to figure out where to go.

There was a sense yesterday that the first hostage might be some facet of the Exhorter portion of Julie’s spirit.  Based on that, I wondered if there was something in Exhorter that was holding back the progress with the three.

I asked Servant to examine Exhorter’s back for any anomalies.  She immediately replied that he had a knob on each shoulder blade.

I asked the Holy Spirit to remove them.

No movement.


The Spirit took me to circumcision and the fact that the Hebrews came out of Egypt while they were uncircumcised, were blessed in the desert in that condition, were able to win victories in that condition, but when they crossed the Jordan, they had to be circumcised.

God’s covenant with Abraham was unconditional.  Therefore, even though the Hebrews of Moses’ generation were far from people of faith and integrity, they were brought out of Egypt via Abraham’s covenant.

BUT to possess their birthright, THEY had to be in covenant with God!

There is clearly some immense righteous spiritual heritage in Julie’s family line.  Equally clearly, the recent generations, including Julie, were not in covenant with God.  He came to her and sought her out, based on some ancient covenant that was still in force.

We circled around that for a while and what emerged was that Exhorter is on a very short leash.  He has been exploring where He is called to walk in dominion, and every time he can envision something, there is an immediate inner “No, you can’t accomplish that.”

That resonated with me loudly, since Julie has been a taker for a long time, and has said “No” repeatedly to the vast majority of ideas I have floated for how she could walk out her design.

What surfaced as an illustration when Exhorter was explaining this, was the idea of learning to play a musical instrument. He had the desire, and instantly the inner boo bird assured him he could never master an instrument.

That comment seemed hugely alive. I drilled down.  “Where would you play, and why?”

Clearly he is called to play and sing the song of heaven as an act of warfare against the spiritual forces in high places.  The playing and singing would be done outside, in creation (here we are with that third member of the Trinity theme again) in order to break something in the heavenlies.

So Exhorter is a breaker, not primarily a builder.  He breaks with the songs of heaven.

This is consistent with the history of her life.  She was raised in a songless world.  When she made a strong effort in her teen years to move toward music, in spite of uniform and violent family opposition, the devil smacked her so hard it took her out of the game for ten years.

Suddenly there was a cascade of understanding as the principles clicked into place.

-The Luciferian critters build a sound proof shell so they and their unwitting host cannot hear the truth.  It takes a song from heaven to shatter that shell.  That will be the purpose of the 144,000 singing over Jerusalem and the world.  Immediately after that, the whole world will be evangelized in a single day, because the shell has been removed (Rev. 14:6).

-Lucifer is the fallen expression of the Exhorter gift.

-The heart is the Exhorter organ.

-The Luciferian shell is often behind the heart or around the heart.

-When Jesus does the circumcision, it is ON THE HEART!  Col. 2:11; Rom 2:29; Deut. 10:16; Jer. 4:4.

So, my model was that there was a generational anointing to use song as a weapon against the enemy.  Some forefather sold that birthright for a mess of pottage.  Now, Julie’s Exhorter is in line to redeem it and use it, but the covenant needs to be dealt with.

The Holy Spirit nudged me that the knob on the right shoulder blade (dominion side of the body) had to do with the covenant.  The knob on the other side (intimacy) was from a bastard in the family line, and under the Mosaic Law, illegitimate males were not allowed in the Temple for ten generations.

We went to court before the Righteous Judge of the Universe, confessed the sins, rebellion and iniquity and asked for the knobs to be removed.

Servant reported two angels working diligently for quite a while to detach them without doing damage.  Exhorter was left with two deep wounds in his shoulder blades, but the knobs were out.

Sat and listened for a while.

Didn’t feel release to stop, although it had obviously been a momentous occasion.

Went back to the three who were with Original Self and asked the Holy Spirit to come blow on them for cleansing.


There are MANY cleansing tools and they seem to be aligned with the design of the ones needing cleansing.

Based on Exhorter’s design, I asked the Lord Jesus if it would be permissible to have one or more of the Morning Stars come sing over them.

Instant response.

They sang.

Exhorter wept.

The wounds in Exhorter’s back healed.

The pallor of death left the three and color began to come into their faces.  The spirit of sadness over the whole faded.

There was a definite shift indicating that the Morning Stars had moved into a different song.  Felt like the first one was “below zero” breaking and cleansing, and the second verse was “above zero” filling and sanctifying.

Then Julie said that she has always had a craving for bird song, especially in the morning.  She is already grieving the fact that in a few weeks, the birds will start to go silent.

I suggested she get up early tomorrow, go to the forest and sit and soak in the birdsong for an hour, and record it.

Will be very interesting to see where this goes.

Not that today was drab or boring!

Copyright July 2018 by Arthur Burk

P.S.  Just got an IM that she could not wait for morning, but is off to the forest right now!

Love it.

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6 Responses to Julie #2: Luciferian Shell

  1. Cynthia says:

    When I got to the part of your story where Exhorter wept, I wept, too. The cleansing beauty of the song of the Morning Stars. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Rebekah says:

    This story moves me deeply. Thank you for sharing the process. I’m enjoying the way all the little pieces came together to form a stunning picture. It reminds me of how much I enjoyed jigsaw puzzles as a youth, and how I lived for that moment when a cascade of pieces all fell into place all at once. I’m savoring that beauty here!


  3. Brant says:

    Were there any physical effects from the knobs? Any changes with her bladder?

  4. Brant says:

    Last night I was pondering the 7/11/2018 post from Julie #1, realizing that music is included in nature. I’m reading Julie #2, just stunned. Tears and emotions overwhelmed me when reading the bottom third of this post.

    Music is a huge thing for me; listening to birdsong and worship music as I write this. I come alive with music/sound. I struggle when there is no sound to expresses the nature of God, without it everything feels dead and sterile. For instance, the bathroom at my office is made up of man-made products. However, the door is true wood with grain. I can feel/know the difference. My spiritman is drawn to connect with God upon becoming aware of that door, almost drawn to the door.

    I too was hindered from learning an instrument. For me it was the guitar, gave up on it from discouraging voices, “you’ll never be able to do that, it’s to hard, you can’t, I won’t let you” (this type of voice is always present when I pursue my birthright and have success in anything of eternal value). God brought the drums into my life, they seemed to require less discipline and was able to flow without much learning. But I have felt it was not the fullness of what I desire to express/create. I have always felt, “why does it have to be so hard to get the sound out of me”.

    Years ago Kim Clement prophesied over me “…there is a generation that you will make a Sound for, and they will listen, and they will dance to a different Tune, and it will be your Tune that they dance to…”. I have yet to fully enter this, hindered and wondering how I will do this. There is something there for me with the dynamic of resonance.

    Yes exactly, “little ones” is what I’ve been calling my specific parts since a deliverance session a few weeks ago. I also had at similar 10 year smack down.

    Interesting thought, I believe Lucifer was created with musical instruments within his being for creating the righteous sound/worship (Ezk 28). Maybe a connection to the music dynamics of nature and Luciferianism?

    Thank you for these posts. I’m enamored with them and will pursue wholeness in this area. Blessings!

  5. jane62 says:

    Pure Wonder is filling me from every side. Thank you for sharing how you reason from principle and for modeling it for all of us to learn and grow.

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