Goodbye #7: The Last Ticket

August and September are going to be complicated.

We ship Ann’s car to South Carolina so it will be waiting for her there.

I go to South Carolina to find an apartment and some office space.  I set up a skinny version of our apartment.

I come back to get Ann to bring her to Spartanburg.  After I get her set up, I return to CA.

Megan goes to Spartanburg to find a place to rent while I finish packing up the apartment and office and load the truck.

I leave headed East while she is flying back West.

She waves as we cross paths, but I ignore her while I chase the white line.

She runs the skeletal office in CA while I set up the new office in South Carolina.

Megan’s parents move her to SC.  She gets to turn out the lights in the CA property.

We reconnect in the SC office.

This has been laid out in principle for a few weeks, with dates.  Various people have poked and prodded and decided the dates and sequence are good.

Translation:  I have a lot of tickets to buy.  Some with cash.  Some with miles.  And all with special gimmicks and considerations.

I knew that and I did nothing.

God has a special angel who hacks the AA website for me.  When the angel is in position, I get an Elbow and jump on and find the most amazing deals.

Today was no exception.

Any of you ever tried to redeem frequent flyer miles?  You want to go from LAX to Denver for 25,000 miles.


It will take three days, you are routed through Istanbul, and it costs $575 in addition to 75,000 miles.

Standard dynamics for anyone who thinks the miles are actually useful.

Except for me – the guy who is best buds with a heavenly hacker who can’t be traced.

You will love this one.

I bought a one way ticket for my wife.  Of course.

Then I had to buy a separate round trip ticket from Spartanburg, to CA and back.  Obviously going back, I wanted to be on the same flight as my wife.  Not an unreasonable request.

I punched in the specs.  The available flights came up and that flight was not on there.  I knew my bud was in the game, so I poked around.  AA has four tiers of redemption miles.  Regular coach if you buy months and months ahead of time, last minute coach, regular business, last minute business.  Each tier is, of course, more expensive than the last.

I started on last minute coach.  That flight was not listed.

I went up to regular business class.  No go.

Last minute business class.  No go.

Got an elbow.

Went to regular coach:  12,500 miles + $6.15.  My wife’s flight was there.  I booked.  And grinned.

Love my bud.  As angels go, he is a whiz.

When I was done buying all those tickets, I realized I had probably just purchased my last ticket out of SNA.

And THAT hit me.

I have been living in the present and the past, along with a leap into the SC future.  I have sort of been dancing around LEAVING Southern California where I have lived for almost half a century.

That last ticket into my nifty little airport stirred a pot of emotions.

Hmm . . .

Then I went back to reread what I wrote and I noticed a Freudian slip.  Did you catch it?

“I come back to get Ann to bring her to Spartanburg.”

Bring her!

Not take.

Clearly the Prophet has already moved to South Carolina and all perspective is from there.  This body sitting at a desk in CA is strictly an illusion!

Copyright July 2018 by Arthur Burk


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12 Responses to Goodbye #7: The Last Ticket

  1. Pam Dolan says:

    Love the phrase, “Binging Ann to SC!” Its beautiful!

  2. My spirit is very engaged reading this post. Joy and freedom are the words that come up. Also, it’s about Anne. Something about her!

  3. Fiona Ingham says:

    Love this. So excited for you all and encouraged to see the detail again and again of His care. Blessings.

  4. Cheri Hughes says:

    Quite a revelation but such a beautiful picture of a Prophet. Ahead in many ways in time and space to prepare and nurture the environment for others and to usher the future in.

  5. Daphne says:

    I book flights & do travel plans every month, may I please borrow the travel-bud angel when I do my booking? ^.^ So happy for your booking bonus!

  6. Katie Trundt says:

    Oh how I can relate. Just moved last July and have been dealing with the back and forth of both states etc. Very excited for your journey and all the amazing blessings that are about to open up even more!!

  7. Brant says:

    Enjoyed reading this! You are there! Praying for you all.

  8. frieda says:

    beautifull !!

  9. Cynthia says:

    I love the tone of this post – cheerful, slightly wild, little bit zany, laser-focused, triumphant, with an edge of hilarious almost-hysteria. And LOVE the angel. Way to go, Arthur’s buddy!

    Your tribe is watching with bated breath as you transition from SC to SC. And praying for you! May there be many more angels along the way. ❤️

  10. Cathie Sheldon says:

    Amazing. Just amazing.
    This helped me, anew, flesh out, “I AM, in Christ, and seated in heavenly places.”

  11. Nancy Tucker says:

    Wow, i understand this scenerio, your buddy blessed you for sure, EMOTIONS , i am sure there are still many to come, savor all of them, enjoy the process and be blessed!

  12. Karibu says:

    Arthur, I’m flying into SNA this evening and every time I do, I’m always hit with that feeling of home. I especially relate to the feeling you have of *leaving* SNA since we just moved to the States after almost 8 years living in Kenya.

    I love reading stories of how God lines up His angels for your travel plans. Having had a similar miles experience before, God is remarkable at arranging things just right. I also love your thought process – business class does need to be explored as an option! I pray that God would continue to go before you in this process, that there would be an elegance to all the planning. I’m especially praying that God would lead you and Megan to the right land – for your living and working spaces. Of course He will – but I pray for some wonderful glory stories in the process.

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