Goodbye #8: Surprised by Emotions


Today, David and Reuben showed up at 9:00 to dismantle the video studio.  We have never worked together before, so I started out at a very slow pace, showing how I wanted them to protect the desk spaces.

Protecting the Desks

Once the plastic was in place, we started at the far back corner with the lights, piping and the ceiling tiles that needed to be replaced. They proved to be adept with tools, a good team, and quick learners, so I was able to leave them alone.

Lights, Bars and Ceiling

I checked back periodically to see how they were doing, but never had to correct them on anything.

And the ultimate test was meticulous clean up.

Meanwhile, I was in the library, slamming books into boxes.  I managed to finish packing the whole thing by the time they were done.  They moved the shelves into my office which is the staging area for the big truck loading day.

I had them move some more materials from the warehouse into Megan’s staging area, since we are getting ready to sell the racks.

As they left and I wandered around taking final shots, I realized three distinct emotions.

-I was really pleased with packing up the library.  I have spent an immense number of hours there, studying, writing, doing personal ministry and just chilling out.  Superb memories.  And now, my books are packed which means they are going to the new place.

As long as my books are with me, I can be emotionally stable anywhere.  As lame as that is, they have been my primary healthy and unhealthy place of solace from the time I was a reader.

Books are my go to comfort food, security blanket, safe place, and if they are going, I am fine.

-I was glad to see the video studio coming down.  We will probably do another video or two there, before I am gone, gone, because the warring for your birthright series is still churning, but it will be without the lights and a lot of the ambience.

As I looked at my joy over being one step closer to being gone from there, what bubbled up was the thought that the video studio had never been mine.

And that comment is going to cost me a few lively lunches with Miss Megan poking, prodding and prognosticating on the topic of the next video studio.

She doesn’t particularly like it when I am not at home in my home, after she has tried hard to make a home for me.

-Most of all, I was glad that Victory Outreach’s van was not available today.  David and Reuben came in their car and could not take my beloved couch away, as scheduled.

My couch is quite worn out and would cause my chiropractor to say some unkind things, but it sure has a lot of memories.  I don’t have room for it in my office, really, but it will be here for a little longer.

Meanwhile, the warehouse is looking more and more bare, which is a good thing.

One step closer to South Carolina.

Copyright July 2018 by Arthur Burk


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9 Responses to Goodbye #8: Surprised by Emotions

  1. Lala says:

    Just curious- why did you decide on South Carolina as your destination?

  2. ghaggerty says:

    Thank you, Arthur, for the good-bye tour. I’m having an interesting time processing my own emotional response to your words and photos. I feel like so many blanks have been filled in. Blanks I didn’t know were there. I enjoyed digesting your space and its arrangement in the photos. Especially the warehouse. I guess that says a lot about me too.

    Anyway, I’m primed and pumped now for the “Hello South Carolina” series that I hope is coming. Otherwise I’m going to be left holding a bunch of dangling participles with no place to hang them.

    Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the journey with you and praying for a smooth landing into your new digs.

  3. lila1jpw says:

    Thank you for sharing about your library. I too am moving at the end of this month and my books are going with me. Lots of other accumulations are going bye-bye, but my books?? not so much.

  4. Elouise van der Merwe says:

    I love the neatness of this stage of moving. I love the order of having all you need to take in boxes and leaving the old stuff behind. I love it when what was old to me has a new place in someone else’s life and getting it to the right place. I love thinking who I was when I first walked into that space and who I am leaving it. (Fractals of 1and 2!)
    I look forward with great excitement to your new setting!

  5. Serina Fleck says:

    The good flow even shine through the pictures. So happy with you that the people did such a great job and the immense progress you all had.

    Your processing of emotions are very helpful too. Thank you for sharing this.

    One step closer to South Carolina indeed! Exciting.

  6. Pamela says:

    Nice! You’ve gotten a TON of stuff done! The next set up will be interesting. May Miss Megan’s poking, prodding and prognasticating produce propetual perspective for your personal progress!

  7. Cynthia says:

    Gosh! The video studio!! Suddenly this is becoming REAL . . . .
    Kind of cool to see the long shot of it – we’ve seen it so much up close!

  8. Robert Neill says:

    Note the colors ,,pillow,,,couch..😄😄n

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