Sally #8: The Prophet Portion

As magnificent as the visuals were of a new heart at the end of last session, the reality was still more war.

When I got back to her, she was pretty beat up.  Servant was in a semi-safe hiding place in her belly somewhere, Giver had vanished from the heart and Prophet was still comatose in the brain.

During the battle, Sally warred well and valiantly for a number of days, and then there was a sound in her ears that instantly switched all of her thoughts to blackness, and there was a complete collapse of Sally’s defenses.

This is not the first time we have had that kind of intrusion.

That poses the chronic problem for a healer:  make core progress or stop and go after a sniper?  There is rarely enough time to do both.  If you take out a sniper, there will be another and another, and then the dark side ends up controlling your agenda, and you never get anything of substance built.

I visited with Servant for a bit to improve her morale, then asked if she could see whether there was a varmint or a device in Sally’s ear.  She said she could not see that far.  I decided not to push the sniper issue.

I asked Servant to return to her safe place.

Giver replied weakly when I spoke in her direction.  I am writing this a day later, so I can’t remember what I had to do to get her dusted off and back in the game.  She is no longer in her bubble, but is in the heart.

We explored location and she was pretty sure it was the right atrium, which corresponded with my discernment.  This is the chamber that parallel’s God the Father.

I chatted for a bit about the bubble.  Again and again, I find the Giver in a transparent container.  Often it is an “aquarium” in the bottom of the sea, or some other comparable picture — like the bubble — where they can see what is going on, while having no exposure.

I proposed to her that life was absolutely still rougher than rough, and I could make no guarantees of safety for her, but that she would receive more from Father through being in the game, than through being in the bleachers.

Having had a malicious then absent father, the idea of an intervening, providing Father was totally theoretical to her, not anything she could connect with.

I concurred, shrugged off her lack of confidence, and said the only way God could earn her trust was by being there for her, so her being in the game, would allow Him to show His power and presence.

We parked that one there.  Clearly she was in no shape for a rumble, BUT we made some modest progress on the “critical path” of reconciling each portion of the spirit to Father.

I decided to lean into the Prophet portion which was male and had been comatose for a while now.

When I am faced with problems in the journey, there are two options.  One is to ponder which principle might work, and the other is to ask God for His intervention.

In this case, I probed Sally’s family in terms of time.  She concurred that every single member of the family that she knew had massive, unrelenting problems with ordinary time in ordinary life.

I know that time is the foundation of the five facets of holiness, and I had a hunch a lot of the reason she is so unstable is that time has been corrupted.

Giver is a major player in most time equations, and Giver is female.  Prophet is male.  If I could get both Prophet and Giver cleaned up, maybe we could weave together the time line with female and male time in right alignment with each other.

That said, my discernment suggested that Prophet got slammed on the journey between eternity past and conception.  This is a really fuzzy area and I am not dogmatic about it.  My general feeling is that there is some generational issue that went beyond an iniquity and came into the realm of an abomination.  Whatever those premeditated actions were in the past, it somehow opens the door for assault on the spirit, before conception.

The only cure I have found for that is some robust confession, followed by a redo of the journey, in the company of Jesus.

So I asked Father if He would take Prophet back to eternity, restore him, and then bring him back through that perilous journey in the company of Jesus.

Shortly thereafter, he vanished from her range of vision.

I felt to wait, so we sat quietly on the phone for about five minutes and suddenly he was back, resplendent in warrior garb and feeling very confident.

We chatted.  God established him in the prefrontal cortex.

He was restless and agitated because he was made for war, was ready for war, was highly energized, and there was nothing to do in the prefrontal cortex.

Sally dryly authorized him to wage unrelenting holy war on anything, anywhere in the brain that was not part of original design, and didn’t come from God.

Then I got a nudge to ask for Giver also to have a redo on the mysterious, often brutal transit from eternity to time.

I asked.  She vanished.  And there was a clear sense in my spirit that she would be gone for a while, so we should carry on with life for now.

Sally joyously wrote the next morning that it was the first time she had not gotten punished during the night after a ministry session.

Copyright July 2018 by Arthur Burk


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  1. Daphne says:

    Excited for Sally! Thank you for sharing the progress of this journey with us.

  2. Nancy Tucker says:

    It breaks my heart as i have been reading the Sally posts, and then i jump for joy when i hear prophet is ready to war, i am learning so much from these posts, it makes me grateful for my life as a giver i do have my struggles with gratefulness, but then i think about Sally and my heart is set right, i use to do some intense intercession for a couple of ladies who work in this type of ministry and sure understand some of the battles better, i chose not to know alot about the specifics to keep my self out of the way or from wandering!!! I am just plum grateful for those of you who take this on! A

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