Hello #7: The Beater

I arrived early afternoon at the Prophet’s chamber I have been privileged to use, near Spartanburg, and lay down to rest for a while, and to absorb the trip and the arrival.

Eventually I got up to go check out the car situation.  For years I have been driving by TLC Motors.  It looks no different than all the other used car dealers that dot the area, but it has always attracted me, even though I was not in the market for a vehicle.

Now I was, so I went there and found a used pickup with an eight foot bed for about half the price of what I had seen on Craigslist for short bed pickups with more miles.

I bought it for cash, will fix a few things on it on Monday, and will then have wheels to pick up the furnishings I will be buying for the house.  That way I am not stuck home for hours, waiting for a delivery.

Very pleased to have that piece in place.

I asked a 50 year resident for a mechanic, and he was quick to tell me who to go to, and to use his name.

So on Monday, I will drop the truck off, go see the realtor about the three houses he has found for me, then go to the DMV and get a South Carolina driver’s license, get registered to vote, circle back around to pick up the truck, and that should be a solid day’s work on Monday.

My New Wheels

Eight Foot Bed

South Carolina has been good to me on my first day here.

Copyright August 2018, by Arthur Burk


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13 Responses to Hello #7: The Beater

  1. Nancy Tucker says:

    Well if that part of the sourh is anything like the good old boys here in TX you are fixin to have to get a lift kit and a step ladder!!! Yay for 8ft beds!!! Enjoy plenty of blessing and HUMIDITY!!!

  2. Rebekah Scott says:

    Celebrating the provision that was already on your path and your nimbleness to snatch it up on the fly!! New home, new office, new truck, new beginning,…… New you!

  3. jane62 says:

    Now THAT is a truck! Oh WOW! I’m so happy for you. Yay God, celebrating the God who plans ahead for THE truck, exact spec, right price, Woopeeee.

  4. Sherry says:

    Very cool! And it looks so peaceful city there waiting for its new owner to get great use out of it. Blessings on this new exciting journey.

  5. Cynthia says:

    Paul looked at the photos, and pronounced, “Oh, that is a VERY fine truck.” So there ya go. You are 100% Southern-Boy approved. 😊

  6. Nancy Henry says:

    That is wonderful!

  7. jennygps says:

    Nice wheels! Delighted to see how God brought all these details together with you! Yay for trees and trucks!

  8. Bernardene Smith says:

    So glad your purposeful planning with God is paying off

  9. amy says:

    welcome home

  10. Janis Leal says:

    After getting the intrigue of the 8-ft bed past my mind, what sings is also the beloved green backdrop of this happy truck’s mug shot – the grass and trees, gathered and looking – so fitting, so forth-telling, in contrast to a hard concrete jungle which is no place for this particular body-and-soul transportation mode spirit-driven into a new season.

    Oh, and the God who knows, the God who breaks down and brings new, the God who takes away to give, the God who gets you there, the God who makes you lie down in the green, restores the soul, leads you in right paths both for you and for His name’s sake, the Beloved One who, with surprises and surprises, allures and invites intimacy in ever-fresh bridal love journeying into The New.

    And while it’s not just these wheels that will get you there, I surely do love the picture. It says much.

  11. Pam McNelley says:

    Celebrating with you! Hallelujah!

  12. Delighted that by the fact that this piece came into place so quickly, ESPECIALLY because of the God Who Plans Ahead. You have known about this place for years. So, it was already in your memory bank to go there. And He arranged for that truck to be available for sale, AND He gave you another good connection for a mechanic. I am so celebrating His fingerprints through this process, challenging as it has been. And I know that an eight foot bed was definitely on the wish list for a truck! And they are not easy to find, especially these days. Go God. Glad to hear that you landed well in SC and looking forward to more stories and gifts that you receive while you are there. Praying about the houses you are going to look at and that you would find just the right one.

  13. Pamela says:

    Wahoo!!!! Welcome to the lands of trees, trucks, sweet tea and tons of God scheduled bride-ing adventures for you!!!!!

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