We Have a New Blog

And it is part of the main website. Look for the unambiguous word “Blog” in the sidebar menu.
We have migrated a LOT of the posts from the old blog to the Articles section of our website. You will find them there in easy to download PDFs, neatly cataloged by Serina, if you have any desire to go down memory lane.
One down side: We are not able to import the mailing list with thousands of people who subscribed to our old blog. So if you want to be notified every time I natter about something, there is a subscription link there on the side.
We have a fair number of channels and you can subscribe in one place for as many or as few as you wish.
And as usual, we NEVER sell your email address to anyone for anything.
Tomorrow we will release another blog about how Megan fell afoul the famous Southern Hospitality.
But for today, there is an article about how we had to change our spiritual warfare strategy once we arrived in Spartanburg.
So in between warring against the mesmerizing spirit (which is obviously giving us GREAT results so far) and blessing the soon-to-be famous Green Room, you can gnaw on some principle based strategy theology.
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