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What makes a “noble subject?”

Is it the title?

Nope.  History is full of dukes and earls and barons who betrayed their king actively or through disinterest and neglect.

Is it the castle and manor lands with all their income-generating potential?

Nope.  You can be wealthy and still be selfish.

A noble subject is someone who is driven by a set of values and perspective which allows him to skillfully increase the amount and variety of tangible assets he can make available to expand the hegemony of his sovereign’s kingdom.

Sapphire Leadership Group is now in its third season.  Our focus in this chapter of our history will be to help those who are already loyal subjects to increase the resources at their disposal AND to hold life loosely, ready to give up everything, even their lives, for the sake of the King and His Kingdom.

This blog is one of many tools to that end.  Some of these articles will broaden your skill set.  Most are designed to shape your values away from the narcissism and fear-based flavor of our culture, to become people who will live and die for our Great King.

Arthur Burk

January 10, 2011

31 Responses to About Sapphire

  1. Lala says:

    Hi Arthur. Do you believe Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit eternally existed or that any one of them was created?

    • SLG says:

      According to Scripture, all three persons of the Holy Trinity were involved in creation, so they are Creators, not created. Now it is my turn. Do you believe the human spirit existed before conception, or was created by God at that instant?

      • Lala says:

        Thanks for your reply and thoughtful question. I have carefully considered this, and I don’t believe the human spirit pre-existed. I observe in Genesis 2 that Adam had a beginning in which God fashioned him from dust and put breath into him. But I do see in Scripture how God ordained us and had good plans for us before conception, and that the Holy Spirit regenerates us to become a new creation in Christ. Do you believe the human spirit existed before conception?

  2. Jenny says:

    Arthur, do you believe in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour?

    • SLG says:

      Jenny, I absolutely do. Do you serve Him as your King with total surrender, or only as your savior?

      • David Murry says:

        Now that.. is the question Father is calling out to each of us in this hour. “Lord and Savior..”
        it is not meant to be a cliche, but a reality.

        There is a generation coming that will finally allow those members within the Body to speak the challenging words of correction and loving course adjustments that Father is trying to speak to us on.

        He longs for intimacy and to fulfill what is on His heart.

        We will perhaps one day soon, here in the United States say, as a single unified Body, “He is my Savior… AND my Lord.”

        Then we will take that “reviving” to the Lost.

        Blessings to you all, Family.

        David Murry NY

  3. cvmom52 says:

    “Wealth, resources, income generating potential…” I introduced a friend to Sapphire recently. She read this and made the assumption you are all about entrepreneurs in the marketplace. Me thinks you might want to reword this. Sapphire is so much more.

    • SLG says:

      Sheila, have you actually read the page in question? I went back and looked at it again and it does represent my views. I am pushing back against two kinds of believers — those who use God to accrue wealth for themselves, and those who live passively not investing in the Kingdom. I am about equipping people to move out of greed and poverty and to use everything they have for the sake of the King. Is that a message you have not heard in my teachings before?

  4. Dorinda Trick says:

    Hi Arthur,
    I am listening to Your Health and the Redemptive Gifts cd set and noticed that you speak of the redemptive gifts of the SOUL, not the SPIRIT…I have been under the impression that the redemptive gifts were the facets of the human spirit (7) pulled from Romans 12:6-8…again, SPIRIT, not SOUL…have you had a course correction?

    • SLG says:

      Our understanding, Dorinda, is that the soul has one of the redemptive gifts and the spirit has all seven. You may wish to listen to “Redemptive Gifts of Individuals” and “Nurture Your Spirit Basic Seminar” for more background info. Also note that the Romans 12 passage does not refer to the spirit at all in reference to the gifts. There is a traditional theology that says spirit is good and soul is bad. That simply does not line up with the 750 verses in Scripture that refer to the soul, beginning with the fact that the soul of Adam came from the breath of God, and that God claims to have a soul in multiple passages of Scripture.

  5. margaret privett says:

    I was associated with Plumbline in the past, Due to many changes in my life, oss of personal addresses, etc. I have pulled your series about the Saffron panels in N.Y. just shared them with friends tonight. We were all blessed, I have attended a few of your meetings in Ca. in the past, which I really enjoyed. I am glad to be back.
    I do have a question if I may? I am ministering to a 45 year old who recently started having very serious panic attacks that are so debilitating, she cannot drive. It has advanced to point, she cannot even be a passenger in a car. any thoughts? unsigned

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Margaret, I am highly suspicious of time here. You say she just recently started having panic attacks. Have you listened to the teaching “Trauma Bonds to Time?” I wonder if there is a cyclical curse on time in her life. That is the first place I would look.

    • As a driving instructor I take authority over the spirit of fear in Jesus’s name. I like the Amplified Classic translation og 2 Timothy 1:7 Any thoughts?
      Also pray the peace that passes sll understanding just before tests with significant positive results.
      This is my first comment here. I would like to engage further.

  6. Don says:

    Dear Arthur:

    I have browsed your site and have ordered some CDs hoping to learn a little more about you, your beliefs, and your work. Your ‘business model’ is quite unique! My initial impressions suggest that our spiritual worldviews are highly compatible. I look forward to hearing the CDs when I get them.

    Throughout your site, I admire the copious reference to Genesis, or ‘origins’. I maintain that if one does not understand the first several chapters (say, at least 30!) of this amazing book, one cannot comprehend most of the bible. Your site addresses this Book admirably well!

    Part of my consideration of your beliefs is based upon reading some of your Articles. I read ‘Jealousy’ carefully and with great interest. When I consider any bedrock spiritual issue, as this topic is, my first response considers whether the principle is mentioned or began in the garden and whether there are “two or three” other “witnesses” to that principle found in other scriptures. It appears we use similar approaches. I really appreciate such methodologies, as they start with concept of the “rule of first occurrence” and can advance to other important interpretation methods.

    You rightly identified jealousy’s origins and initial consequences in the garden, and even before it, showing them in the fall of ‘Lucifer.’ Also known as the ‘guardian cherub’ (or the ‘cherub that covers,’) as prophesied (some say by analogies) as the falls of the kings of Babylon (Isa 14:12-14) and Tyre (Eze. 28:12-18) and as referenced by Job, you make a strong and valid point that jealousies are part and parcel linked to the fall of the former head angel, lead worshiper, light bearer and instigator of the plan he ultimately crafted against God through Adam: that is, the fall of man. You provide sound and useful application of the principles for the reader as well.

    But I find a significant departure between a portion of the description of the fall you presented in Jealousy in 2002 and what I read in Romans 5, 1Tim. and 2 Cor. 11. I wonder if you hold the same view today that you wrote then:

    “Satan came into the garden and said, “You know, (Eve), God really did not give you the very best. He is holding out. He is keeping the knowledge of good and evil for Himself. What you have is good but it is not the best.” In his lying, deception, and manipulation, he turned the heart of Eve away from God. Instead of God being the provider of all good things, He was now portrayed as someone who withheld, manipulated, and defrauded her by not giving her the best. She then turned to the devil, who gave her the advice, counsel, and supposed methodology for her appropriating what was “best.” She ceased to depend on God and began to depend on the devil which is a form of worship.”

    In this portrayal, you suggested that Eve sinned and were silent on the matter concerning Adam. I believe Eve’s deception went uncorrected by Adam and she transgressed unwittingly and unknowingly. (After all, God gave Adam the instruction personally, apparently prior to Eve’s arrival. Her response to the serpent reveals her substantial misunderstanding.) But Adam knew full well what the Lord’s specific instruction was, and thereafter made his own active decision to disobey the Lord’s God sole rule which Adam understood fully. Adam’s eyes were open, Eve’s were not. My thinking here is based, in part, upon what Paul said to Timothy and to the churches at Rome and Corinth. Eve was deceived but Adam sinned. I note the following:

    Rom 5:14 Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over those who had not sinned according to the likeness of the transgression of Adam, who is a type of Him who was to come. And 1Tim 2:13-15 For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression. Nevertheless she will be saved in childbearing if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control. And 2Cor 11:3 But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. (NKJ)

    I believe that it is important to differentiate between sin inspired through deceit (the sinner does not realize it) and sin based upon active knowledge (in which the sinner’s eyes are open to that particular sin, proceeding anyway) is essential to a proper and complete understanding of numerous spiritual principles and practices.

    This is the first official blog in which I have ever participated. If I was too lengthy – sorry. Your’s is an interesting site. I look forward to participating.

    Thanks for this blog!


    • Arthur Burk says:

      Don, in the Mosaic Law, God instituted sin offerings and guilt offerings. The one was for deliberate transgression and the other was for areas where one sinned but did not know they were. Either way, God held people responsible for their sin and I think this applies to Eve as well as Adam, just for different issues. When you look at the way God treated Eve after the event, it seems clear He held her responsible for something.

      I agree that Adam takes the biggest rap here. The NT is clear that God hold’s him accountable for sin entering into the world. However, I don’t think we can take Eve off the hook entirely. If she had been vigorous in pursuit of understanding her God things might have been different. I think the sin of omission mentioned in Romans 1 that starts the downward spiral applies to her.

      • Don says:

        Dear Arthur:

        Clearly GOD punishes the serpent, Adam AND Eve for the sin in the garden: on this we completely agree. And He did/does so with Wisdom and Equity. Like you I give Adam the larger blame. I wonder what would have happened had Adam properly corrected Eve. What course would redemption have followed then?

        I do not know when you posted it, but I was made aware of you reply today, June 25, 2013. I have purchased many of your CDs and considered them carefully – lot’s to chew upon. I hope that when I return to California from Uganda, I shall be able to meet you and seek some consultation. Thank you for your response.

  7. Ian says:

    Hi Arthur,

    How can I say thank you for the depth in my spiritual growth that your teachings is adding to. I might say I hope the Lord raises more people with these kind of teachings. It is very little that you here / find teachings with this kind of depth.
    I have now listened to your Redemptive gifts and also had the privelege to have listened to your 7 Curses and wow.
    My heart yearns for my God and in all my struggles and personal battles in achieving a proper relationship between me and my saviour this is truly helping in identifying how I fit into God’s creation, how God created me and what relationship He yearns to have with me. I would like to email you privately with some of my most personal issues though I know that if you should answer everybodies personal issue lists you would hardly get to do what you do best.
    I will remain in striving to search for God and growing towards being also (I deeply pray) a man after Gods own Heart though I think that position was reserved for King David. Then again being called Gods friend and child is as awesome.
    My prayer and hope is that God will bless you and your team with knowledge in His treasures to be able to teach His people where other ‘so called’ teachers lack and come short off.

    Thank you Arthur and Team.

  8. Louise says:

    Hi Arthur
    I have so valued listening to the fruit of the spirit in the mornings again recently. I have a question to ask – I was having a problem with a ministry that I was involved in in healing (or rather they did not understand why I was not “healed” in 3 years using the one bible verse about fruit as the reason why) and wondered if and how to deal with the deep hurt that it caused me. I am no longer there but the hurt persists and it was even to the point where I did not want to live anymore sometime last year. I wondered if there is anything that can help?

    the other thing I was so happy to see on the website is about getting married!! I am now 34 and have not found the right person yet, I look forward to listening to those teachings! 🙂

    (South Africa)

  9. Julian says:

    Hi Arthur my name is Julian im 27 and I come from sunny South Africa, I looooooooooove your teachings they have been soooooo helpful. I would like to ask a couple questions about things in my life that arnt going away even after cutting sole ties and dealing with generational issues is there anyway for this to happen?please let me know thank you.

    Kind regards,


  10. Wijnand says:

    Dear Arthur Burke,

    Greatings in Christ from a young Dutch reader here.
    I was simply wondering if you are attending as a member a church community and besides that are also under any authority and accountability of a concegration?

    I love Gods work and His Kingdom. Your work is interesting. The reason beyond my question is that I am still searching for some context of you as a teacher or shepherd?

    Besides God and His Word in scriptures, have you had teachers and/or formal theological education?

    I hope you appreciate my curiosity.

    Kind regards,


    • Arthur Burk says:

      Dear Wijnand,

      The answer to all your questions is no. I do not have theological education at all nor any credentials. I am not attending an institutional church on Sunday mornings, and I do not have a religious authority structure over me.

      I run a research company, for profit. I see all my staff as my congregation, and I am their CEO/father/pastor. In our company we do all the functions of the church, such as evangelism, discipleship, preaching, teaching, discipline, worship, communion, baptism, deliverance, inner healing, world outreach, and all the “one another” commands. We simply do it through the grid of a business institution, not a religious one. The one church-like thing we do not do is sit in chairs facing forward on Sunday morning, listening to a talking head and I do not perform weddings because I have not seen anywhere in Scripture a basis for clergy being involved in wedding ceremonies.

      Hope that covers all your questions.

      • Wijnand says:

        Dear Arthur,

        That is realy helpfull, thank you so much for you quick answer.

        I did realize I have one other question. Do you agree on Jesus as your only Lord and Saviour? And do you consider yourself -in Christ- Gods child?

        It has really been interesting to read a lot of your teachings.

        Kind Regards,


        • Arthur Burk says:

          Yes, I absolutely believe that Jesus the Christ of Nazareth who was born of a virgin, is fully God and fully man. I believe He came as God incarnate to reconcile us to the Father and that there is salvation through no other means that submission to Him. As a result of repentance, confession and requesting the salvation He offered, I was grafted into the Hebraic root of Christianity, and am now living in Christ who is the Head of the Body of Christ world wide.

          While I am fully aware of the standard church teaching on Jesus as Savior, and I have no other savior than Him, you will find that in my teaching and writing, I emphasize His role as King. Too much of American Christianity has embraced Jesus from a utilitarian point of view, valuing His substitutionary death on the cross as a means for giving them access to heaven, and valuing His role as a healer for relieving their ills.

          I recognize and embrace those facets of the life of Christ, but that utterly incomplete teaching has bred a generation of “believers” who do not recognize Him as Lord over their lives.

          Hence I teach a more stern message, and that is of utter submission to His Kingship in the daily affairs of our lives now, not just a security in the salvation we will experience in the future.

          • Dear Arthur: I was stunned by your above reply. I have sought to understand what is wrong with the western mindset and teachings in scripture. Knowing in my spirit man that it was a huge mistake. You have completely and succinctly addressed this in a way my uneducated mind can receive it. My spirit was so moved as I read the above and knew the Truth of it.

            Keep going Arthur,
            p.s. I will be contacting your group on a more personal level after this.

  11. Kim Forman says:

    All I know is there are many in Orange, Texas that are thanking the Lord for Plumbline and the rich, rich deposit being made in us by all the teachings. We can’t get enough,we literally fill our spirits growing. You have put words and understanding to acts of faith we have done in just obedience without knowledge of exactly why. We praise God for your knowledge and wisdom in Him Arthur….Thank You, Thank You, Thank You….

  12. Lorene Hansen says:

    I think you will greatly benefit if you listen to Rami Danieli’s teachings on back to our Roots. The church is so far off and being deceived into false doctrines, because the Bride is whoring after other lovers (Hosea and Song of Songs). Yeshua the Messiah is the true Christ. Yahweh the true God. All other ground is sinking sand.
    Be blessed!

  13. Lana says:

    Thank you for all that you share. It’s real and grounded and I am encouraged. It’s good food. The topics on emotional grounding have been just what I have needed to hear right now.
    Not that this next part is important or anything but… Great new site too! I have to admit I liked the name “Plumbline Ministries” better. It felt a little more personal for some reason. Now it sounds a little like some other Christian organizations or people that are super kookie and over the top in a bad way (I used to live in Texas). However, I am not thwarted from engaging in thought and prayer over what you write and for you as well.
    Thank you!!!

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