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Saying Goodbye #6: That One Backfired!

Landers, CA has fascinated me for 20 years.  From the First Nations gatherings at Giant Rock, to the UFO chasers, to the occultism of the Integratron, the stories have been more to me than just data, informing a strategy.  It … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye #5: Angst

Part of saying goodbye means getting closure on places where I invested a LOT and got very low return on investment. I spent some time studying my big four and decided that three of the four were pretty well worked … Continue reading

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Measuring a Mind

I am on the road, briefly. My hostess gave me a choice between the room where there is a (thoroughly cleansed) time portal and one where revelation of the Father comes most easily. Contrarian that I am, I chose the … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye #4: The Harbor

One night this week I went to Dana Point to say goodbye. This is a harbor town about an hour south of our office.  The Mercy redemptive gift makes it wonderfully different from the drivenness that marks most of So … Continue reading

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Hand to Hand Combat

In the early 1900s, warriors trained with bayonets for warfare that was highly intense, personal and risky.  But presumed necessary. Today, technicians sit at a computer screen several nations away from combat and attempt to cause enemy casualties without any … Continue reading

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So You Want a Father?

Imagine this. I am at a seminar.  Fred comes up having freshly kissed the Blarney Stone, and after all of the blather about how great I am, asks me to father him. He is followed by Sally who gives me … Continue reading

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When You Have More Than One Redemptive Gift

Over the years, I have received endless emails – short and gracious, long and nasty, and every other combination – exploring or defending the concept of someone having more than one redemptive gift in their soul. My standard answer is in this … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye #3: Solving the Riddle

It has taken me a week to figure out why revisiting the apartments at San Bruno Terrace rocked me so badly. If you feel like you are coming into the middle of a conversation, then you need to go back … Continue reading

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