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Hand to Hand Combat

In the early 1900s, warriors trained with bayonets for warfare that was highly intense, personal and risky.  But presumed necessary. Today, technicians sit at a computer screen several nations away from combat and attempt to cause enemy casualties without any … Continue reading

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So You Want a Father?

Imagine this. I am at a seminar.  Fred comes up having freshly kissed the Blarney Stone, and after all of the blather about how great I am, asks me to father him. He is followed by Sally who gives me … Continue reading

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When You Have More Than One Redemptive Gift

Over the years, I have received endless emails – short and gracious, long and nasty, and every other combination – exploring or defending the concept of someone having more than one redemptive gift in their soul. My standard answer is in this … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye #3: Solving the Riddle

It has taken me a week to figure out why revisiting the apartments at San Bruno Terrace rocked me so badly. If you feel like you are coming into the middle of a conversation, then you need to go back … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye #2: Early Homes

I had targeted today as a time I could visit some of the homes I have lived in, to say goodbye, before moving from California to South Carolina.  I whipped through the early morning obligations, then hit the road to … Continue reading

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Time and Space #21: Pushing It

Broadly we have been speaking about the beauty of time and space coming into alignment in the hand of God. And occasionally we see and feel the consequences of time and space NOT being in alignment. The third frame is … Continue reading

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3. Innsbruck Strategy – The One and the Many

“The One and the Many” is a philosophical term.  There are several well written books on that theme by Rousas John Rushdoony. It is essentially about the tension between community and the individual.  Golf is an individual game.  The one.  … Continue reading

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Time and Space #20: The Third Strand

The bird sits on the lawn, waiting for the earthworm to make a wrong move. The hawk sits on the tree branch, waiting for the mouse in the field to expose itself. These two time/space alignments are all about physical … Continue reading

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