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Monkey in the Right Ventricle

Dr. Tracy has persuaded the software to get up and walk and talk and dance and she had the time to take a first pass at the first EKG. Here are a couple of excerpts. Dr. Tracy.   “For the … Continue reading

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First Cardio Tests

WE BEGAN! On Monday, Lisa, a coronary cath nurse, drove up from near San Diego and filled our white board with a long lecture on heart function and dysfunction while I interrupted her sporadically with my odious, “But what if … Continue reading

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Confusion as a Weapon

We war. God wars. We often war differently. I am still amused at the discrepancy between Joshua’s effectiveness and God’s in the Battle of the Valley of Aijalon.  Joshua pulled off the biggest miracle in all of human history, short … Continue reading

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Medical Research Strategy

It is Saturday morning, July 1st.  I am back from the three nation whirlwind tour of Europe with a really solid feeling of good seed on good soil. Running in the background was the medical research project.  It really caught … Continue reading

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Eavesdropping on Some Demons

Remember when Jesus cursed the fig tree?  Of course you do.  A very familiar story. Now do you remember the context?  I sure didn’t.  Recently someone unexpectedly asked me a question about the fig tree and I decided to go … Continue reading

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23 Years Old

Yesterday was the 23rd birthday of Plumbline Ministries/Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc. I spent some time pondering the last 23 years.  Here are some of the things that randomly bubbled up. -Crazy, wild, messy.  As I look back on all the … Continue reading

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Wholeness Week

A year ago I was listening to a faith healer who was quite passionate about his walk.  I only remember one sentence from all the stuff I listened to.  He said something to the effect, “If you have a healing … Continue reading

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