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A Pain Point for Singles

This is not a teaching article. I simply observe that yesterday was our second highest day of viewers on the blog — ever. And it was a day of very few comments on the article about singles and AHS.  Uncommonly … Continue reading

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New Insights for Singles

One of the things we have learned to track in our exploration of alien human spirits (AHS) is the presence of mental pictures that come and go randomly for decades, but don’t seem to fit the person involved. A young … Continue reading

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Scorecard for the Week of January 12th

Sunday:     One of our friends ran into a problem that was a bit larger than life.  We chatted by phone and suddenly God gave me a question to float, and that brought to light a bunch of stuff neither one … Continue reading

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AHS and Teeth

Fred wrote saying he was having repetitive intermittent pain in a couple of teeth.  His dentist explored vigorously and found nothing that could justify any intervention.  The pain was never present during an office visit.  Of course. I wrote back … Continue reading

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Sally from West Gopher Mound, Kansas

Sally shared the following fun story: I believe it was just last year that I was introduced to your website by my pastor at our church.  In July of 2013 I was led by the Holy Spirit to order your Fractals … Continue reading

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A Question from a Son Part 3

Can I ask a quick, off topic, yes or no question? Can a diagnosed DID actually be misdiagnosed and just have a truck load AHSs instead? Sally Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!  For sure.   More common is a minor case of DID:  … Continue reading

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Sally and the Snake Pit

Sally wrote me today.  The short version is that she owns a piece of commercial property and had just experienced a rather gruesome demonic assault on the building. While this event was blatantly demonic, this property has been a headache … Continue reading

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Thunderfoot Part 3

Mateo managed to find someone home at the apartment below.  A man came to the door and was cautiously gracious to the young stranger standing there.  When Mateo introduced himself as the guy upstairs, the man downstairs was utterly shocked.  … Continue reading

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