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Scorecard for the Week of January 26th

Saturday:     I find my spirit is very opinionated about e-mails.  I will see an unknown e-mail address with an uninformative subject line, and before I open it, I might have a high alert or a high excitement. I was focused … Continue reading

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Sally and the Snake Pit

Sally wrote me today.  The short version is that she owns a piece of commercial property and had just experienced a rather gruesome demonic assault on the building. While this event was blatantly demonic, this property has been a headache … Continue reading

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Is SLG a Fungus, Algae or Lichen?

And more to the point, what should we be? This morning I went to the hill that was calling my name yesterday.  Anticipation soared. At the top of the steps, out of sight from below, was a park.  I wandered … Continue reading

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Nostalgia and Anticipation

Firstfruits dedications have always been important to me.  Every new product is dedicated in a unique way.  Some involve a lot of drama and others are a very private ceremony. Yesterday I was thinking back to our biggest dedication which … Continue reading

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Can You Solve This Riddle?

Mom is not a telephone person.  Most of the time in Brazil she did not have one.  When they did get a phone, calls to the States were prohibitively expensive.  When I called her in Brazil she was happy to … Continue reading

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High Urgency — God’s View of Today

Tomorrow is the 9th of Av on the Jewish calendar.  If you are not aware of the term, you should do a web search as there is a mass of information there.  Simply put, it is the most defiled day … Continue reading

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Lucy the Noble Subject

My daughter, the fourth generation Prophet, graced us with sundry gems during her time in our home.  One that I cherish the most was when she was working at the bike shop. She came to work on time (of course).  … Continue reading

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