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Scorecard for the Week of January 26th

Saturday:     I find my spirit is very opinionated about e-mails.  I will see an unknown e-mail address with an uninformative subject line, and before I open it, I might have a high alert or a high excitement. I was focused … Continue reading

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Sally and the Snake Pit

Sally wrote me today.  The short version is that she owns a piece of commercial property and had just experienced a rather gruesome demonic assault on the building. While this event was blatantly demonic, this property has been a headache … Continue reading

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Is SLG a Fungus, Algae or Lichen?

And more to the point, what should we be? This morning I went to the hill that was calling my name yesterday.  Anticipation soared. At the top of the steps, out of sight from below, was a park.  I wandered … Continue reading

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Nostalgia and Anticipation

Firstfruits dedications have always been important to me.  Every new product is dedicated in a unique way.  Some involve a lot of drama and others are a very private ceremony. Yesterday I was thinking back to our biggest dedication which … Continue reading

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Can You Solve This Riddle?

Mom is not a telephone person.  Most of the time in Brazil she did not have one.  When they did get a phone, calls to the States were prohibitively expensive.  When I called her in Brazil she was happy to … Continue reading

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High Urgency — God’s View of Today

Tomorrow is the 9th of Av on the Jewish calendar.  If you are not aware of the term, you should do a web search as there is a mass of information there.  Simply put, it is the most defiled day … Continue reading

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Lucy the Noble Subject

My daughter, the fourth generation Prophet, graced us with sundry gems during her time in our home.  One that I cherish the most was when she was working at the bike shop. She came to work on time (of course).  … Continue reading

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A Dynamic Tension

As we look at creation, there is an odd factor in the picture and that is time.  Many things have consumptive limits but not time. For some things, the limits are fairly pressing.  Depending on which doomsday report you read, … Continue reading

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