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8. Chaim: God’s Surprise Strategy

I received an update from Julie in Chaim. 1)            She continues to push back against the mesmerizing spirit in the medical institutions.  She has kept an eye on the news but not seen any results in that area at all.  … Continue reading

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7. Chaim: First Strategy

This has been an incredibly challenging task for me.  We have an army of one and a strongman with a bad attitude who is not afraid to use it. My first objective is to keep my army alive, and the … Continue reading

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6. Chaim Geography

In a previous blog I reported that Julie felt the city was split in half and the male side of the city, on the east, had been rotated slightly so there was an uncovered pie shaped wedge at the bottom … Continue reading

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5. Religious Spirit re: Chaim

The consistency of the Teacher gift across many different cultures is quite a tribute to the creative work of God and to the dependability of the redemptive gifts model.  So far we have people on four continents who are sure … Continue reading

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4. Gender in Chaim

For those of you who are in a Teacher city or business, I strongly suggest you review the basic teaching since I will be using our shorthand going forward.  I can’t stop and reteach everything I reference. The Redemptive Gifts … Continue reading

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3. Chaim: Julie’s Strengths

Julie grew up in a Protestant stream of the faith, but she was perennially restless, looking for more, but she didn’t know what “more” looked like. In young adulthood, God took her far from home and introduced Himself to her … Continue reading

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2. Chaim: First Assessment

Our problem is trying to make major change with minor resources.  That means we have to put away the shotgun and get out the rifle, find the area of greatest impact in the city, find the resource of greatest magnitude … Continue reading

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1. Chaim: The Problem

One of our Noble Subjects, whom we will call Julie for the purposes of this project, lives in a Teacher city which we will call Chaim which means “life” in Hebrew. Julie has lived in Chaim for decades.  The Egyptian curse … Continue reading

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