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Test Drive with Therapists

Test driving with Chester is coming along!  We have now done two rounds of beta testing and have collected some great feedback.  So far no-one has accused Chester of reckless driving, and quite a few people were pretty amazed at … Continue reading

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Chester, Arthur and Ryan

For the last couple of months, Terri has been drawing Chesters, Megan has been building graphics, I have been designing the logic of the game, Megan and Serina have been doing the audio and Sandy has been proofing my text. … Continue reading

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Ready for more test drivers!

In the first round of beta testing we’ve already had a couple of big “ah ha!” moments for our testers.  One person in particular was quite excited about discovering the possible root to some pretty significant (and painful!) patterns in … Continue reading

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Anyone for a Test Drive?

Chester is looking for some adventuresome types who would like to take his fantabulous (that’s what he calls it) new diagnostic tool for a test drive.  We will soon (that means close, but no, we are not sending it to … Continue reading

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