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Meet Chester the Exhorter

While looking for graphics for our new diagnostic game, Megan came across a cartoon character who was clearly a knockoff of R2D2.  I didn’t want to use that particular image but I liked the idea of designing something of that … Continue reading

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Thunderfoot Part 3

Mateo managed to find someone home at the apartment below.  A man came to the door and was cautiously gracious to the young stranger standing there.  When Mateo introduced himself as the guy upstairs, the man downstairs was utterly shocked.  … Continue reading

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New Staff, Portals, EEGs and a Complaint

We welcome two new members to our team this month. Ryan has come on full time to build games for us.  He is working off site, but has earned my respect in his first couple of weeks for his ability … Continue reading

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Today is the Day!

Birthing seems to be as messy in an R & D lab as it is with babies.  And since this one is triplets, it has an extra bit of drama. First up will be the album on PTSD.  It has … Continue reading

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Comments on the Adrenals/Kidneys Teachings

From the beginning, the teaching “Fractal of Two:  Adrenals and Kidneys” has been an odd fish.  It was not something that we had researched extensively.  We have never had such a strange Beta test experience.  Nor have we had as … Continue reading

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What About Genesis?

Our new podcast platform is exceptionally economical.  It does have a downside though, which is that the analytics are not very helpful. Lacking granular data, I am turning to anecdotal reports. If any one out there is listening to the … Continue reading

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Answers to Your Prayers

A couple of weeks ago we requested prayer for getting through the gatekeepers to talk to people who had salient information for one of our primary projects. The initial response was more blockage as Sandy shut down the East Coast … Continue reading

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Conflicting Reports

We recently moved all of our audio downloads to a new platform.  We have gotten a couple of reports that the downloads to a Mac do not work.  We think possibly some of the meta data attached to the files … Continue reading

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