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Medical Research Strategy

It is Saturday morning, July 1st.  I am back from the three nation whirlwind tour of Europe with a really solid feeling of good seed on good soil. Running in the background was the medical research project.  It really caught … Continue reading

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23 Years Old

Yesterday was the 23rd birthday of Plumbline Ministries/Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc. I spent some time pondering the last 23 years.  Here are some of the things that randomly bubbled up. -Crazy, wild, messy.  As I look back on all the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Tracy

Julian and Tracy have been tracking with SLG for about a decade.  They are unusual in SLG in that they actually digest what they listen to.  Many of you have listened to far more of our stuff than they have, … Continue reading

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Change of Strategy for War

I am pondering the mother/daughter warfare from yesterday.  I am still getting emails reporting a broad cross section of “stuff.”  It is too soon to make any claims of significant impact, but there certainly was an overt effort by the … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning in Innsbruck

My trip over last week was generic with the exception of two small points.  On one flight, I enjoyed watching the grace with which Rene did her job.  Passengers on airplanes are tending more and more toward insensitivity and selfishness, … Continue reading

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Honor to Whom Honor is Due!

In running a team, managers learn to identify where each employee is on the big picture/granular continuum. Many people are toward one end of the spectrum or the other with a predictable deficit that tarnishes their strength. I’m the guy who … Continue reading

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Thank You from Hanna

Dear Sapphire Family, What a treasure to be able to come into agreement around the globe!  The power of agreement! Thank you from all of my heart for joining the battle over my corner of the world for a season!  … Continue reading

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Thank You, Sapphire Tribe

“That little fellow seems to be no part of me; I remember him as something left behind upon the road of life – as something I have passed, rather than have actually been – and almost think of him as … Continue reading

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