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Medical Research Strategy

It is Saturday morning, July 1st.  I am back from the three nation whirlwind tour of Europe with a really solid feeling of good seed on good soil. Running in the background was the medical research project.  It really caught … Continue reading

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Wholeness Week

A year ago I was listening to a faith healer who was quite passionate about his walk.  I only remember one sentence from all the stuff I listened to.  He said something to the effect, “If you have a healing … Continue reading

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AHS in the Brain

Removing something foreign from your nature — be it demon, curse, covenant or AHS — is supposed to make a difference.  Most of the time the difference is minor, but we really celebrate the big lurches. We are finding that … Continue reading

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Heart Issues, AHS Part 2 and Pente

First things first. The other day, in the presence of several witnesses, Mateo beat me at Pente.  He did it fair and square.  I have no excuses.  I deliberately took a risk and he spotted the opportunity and pounced on … Continue reading

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God, Plumbing, AHS, Skin Problems and Megan’s Brain

The facts. -I was away at the retreat center I often use when I need to dig into a big subject in quiet. -The plumbing back at the office broke, spewing a stinky mess all over the kitchen floor. -The … Continue reading

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Comments on the Adrenals/Kidneys Teachings

From the beginning, the teaching “Fractal of Two:  Adrenals and Kidneys” has been an odd fish.  It was not something that we had researched extensively.  We have never had such a strange Beta test experience.  Nor have we had as … Continue reading

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Aquifer Poll Results

I am reminded of a comment Sherlock Holmes once made.  It was something to the effect that a case where all the clues become useless is quite invigorating. By that metric, we have a very invigorating riddle to solve.  The … Continue reading

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Aquifers and Falls

My rather intense peregrinations the last three months have rather drastically cut into my scribbling — I mean erudite blogging — but now that I am back home, settled and have officially — as of ten minutes ago — dug … Continue reading

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