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When Agatha was here, she discovered a new facet of her spirit’s design.  I asked her to write about it.  What I want you to see is that she honored her emotions when her soul/mind could not understand them.  What … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the Brexit

-The polls were wrong.  Again. In most of the Western world, pre-election polls from the last ten years have been wrong — massively wrong at times.  Clearly there is a larger and larger percentage of people who have very strong … Continue reading

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A Rant about Rants

Yesterday a truck arrived with 5,000 copies of the wonderfully revised new edition of Blessing your Spirit in Spanish. The written bill of lading indicated that the pallets were not to be stacked.  The person loading the truck stacked them. … Continue reading

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Our Culture

I grew up in a religious culture that was marked by two things.  First was the absolute certainty that they had arrived at truth.  We were assured repeatedly that we had the best grasp of Biblical truth there ever was, … Continue reading

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Apple vs. FBI: Spin City

The current ruckus over Apple refusing to give the FBI access to a phone is a pretty absurd farce, rooted in non-reality and spun for big, big bucks by Apple. Here is the nonsense on the government’s side. -They are asking … Continue reading

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Redemptive Gifts and the Iowa Primary

My opinion is that Ted Cruz is a Ruler.  He has the personality of a wrinkled shirt, and I don’t care for his ideology. BUT, like a classic Ruler, he put together a solid ground game.  One commentator said that … Continue reading

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Immigrants in Europe

HERRNHUT! The name is shrouded in mystique as one of the legendary change points in church history. Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf owned a large estate in Saxony.  Being a leader with a passion for Christ, he allowed sundry groups of … Continue reading

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