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So You Want a Father?

Imagine this. I am at a seminar.  Fred comes up having freshly kissed the Blarney Stone, and after all of the blather about how great I am, asks me to father him. He is followed by Sally who gives me … Continue reading

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Is SLG a Fungus, Algae or Lichen?

And more to the point, what should we be? This morning I went to the hill that was calling my name yesterday.  Anticipation soared. At the top of the steps, out of sight from below, was a park.  I wandered … Continue reading

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Social Entrepreneurs

While in England last week, I had a chance to meet a group of social entrepreneurs.  It was great fun to compare stories and strategies.  They are definitely my kind of people! One program stood out above the rest in … Continue reading

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The Mysterious King Part 7

Soooo…………….what happened?! How could the Servant king who had the deck so utterly stacked in his favor, botch the play? The short version:  I don’t know for sure. The long version:  Here are some possible rocks to look under. There … Continue reading

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Perspective on Giving

During the first couple of weeks of May we posted a link where people could donate to Sapphire on the web, via credit card.  It generated a lot of tension between me and you.  I have received a wide range … Continue reading

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Arthur’s Perspective on Death

I have pondered writing something like this for many years, but have refrained since there is always a close friend who is in a health crisis and I do not want to come across as insensitive to their pain. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

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Priorities and Families

Given our three potential scenarios of governmental catastrophe or status quo or a world changing move of God, where does family fit into the equation? This is a really muddy problem and there are highly contradictory inputs that have shaped … Continue reading

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Fourth and Fifth Priorities

The question on the table is how to prepare for the future when both the secular and religious wise men are contradicting each other massively. I proposed that we can’t really know what is coming, so I am preparing equally … Continue reading

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