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Developing a Kingdom View

Our ubiquitous “Fred” is on a journey from traditional Christianity to a design-based worldview.  In this process, he discovered that the Teacher portion of his spirit is hugely called to understand the Kingdom of God. This is no surprise since … Continue reading

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Warfare for Jamaica

BACKGROUND:  Many of you reading the blog are coming into the middle of an ongoing conversation.  Vivienne is Jamaican, in the US and has been consistently the victim of jealousy and discrimination, especially by other Caribbean people in the US … Continue reading

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The Troubled Pastor’s Wife Part 4

Marion’s third complaint was that there was massive church politics at all times and some of it reached the level of spiritual abuse in her mind.  She could not be part of something that hurtful to her and that illegitimate. … Continue reading

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The Troubled Pastor’s Wife Part 2

Extensive travels have resulted in two months of benign neglect of this blog, but I am back in the game and will continue the recent story line. Marion’s second great challenge at church was her spiritual discernment.  She reports defilement … Continue reading

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The Troubled Pastor’s Wife Part 1

I received an email that sounded like dozens I have received during the last 20 years.  I asked the lady if I could sanitize her story and turn my answer into a series of blogs, to benefit others as well.  She … Continue reading

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A Different Perspective

As I expected, the reaction to last night’s blog has been voluble and intense.  Here are two observations culled from various comments and personal e-mails. 1)     The Exodus was a corporate event, not Moses’ personal event.  He was never a … Continue reading

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A Question from a Son Part 3

Can I ask a quick, off topic, yes or no question? Can a diagnosed DID actually be misdiagnosed and just have a truck load AHSs instead? Sally Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!  For sure.   More common is a minor case of DID:  … Continue reading

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