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When Agatha was here, she discovered a new facet of her spirit’s design.  I asked her to write about it.  What I want you to see is that she honored her emotions when her soul/mind could not understand them.  What … Continue reading

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Fathering your Spirit

One of the givens when working with the portions of the human spirit is that they do better at recognizing truth than describing it. So when someone has brought all seven portions to the Seat of Dominion, the rescue process … Continue reading

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A Long Obedience

Eugene Peterson is credit with the pungent expression, “A long obedience in the same direction.” I watched a fascinating application of that recently. Fred is a marathoner in the game of life.  I have watched him for a number of … Continue reading

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Developing a Kingdom View

Our ubiquitous “Fred” is on a journey from traditional Christianity to a design-based worldview.  In this process, he discovered that the Teacher portion of his spirit is hugely called to understand the Kingdom of God. This is no surprise since … Continue reading

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Three Facets of Being in a Spiritual Office

The Five-fold Offices get a lot of attention these days, but there are many other spiritual and social offices available to us outside the construct of the local church. Many times a person is in the role represented by an … Continue reading

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Quotes from Project N

While you still don’t have the big picture of what Project N is about, I thought you might enjoy a quote out of context every day or two. Boundaries you can live with.  But boundaries that move every day and … Continue reading

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New Insights for Singles

One of the things we have learned to track in our exploration of alien human spirits (AHS) is the presence of mental pictures that come and go randomly for decades, but don’t seem to fit the person involved. A young … Continue reading

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