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When Agatha was here, she discovered a new facet of her spirit’s design.  I asked her to write about it.  What I want you to see is that she honored her emotions when her soul/mind could not understand them.  What … Continue reading

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Fathering your Spirit

One of the givens when working with the portions of the human spirit is that they do better at recognizing truth than describing it. So when someone has brought all seven portions to the Seat of Dominion, the rescue process … Continue reading

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Lichens, Arthur and Cinderella’s Slipper

My relationship with the King is based much more on intimacy than on achievement.  With the objective being intimacy, the processes are often quite convoluted.  The thrill of discovery is worth more to me than speed of execution. It is … Continue reading

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Thunderfoot Part 2

A month or so ago, when Mary Jo joined us, we did a musical chairs routine with the apartments that was absolutely unjustifiable in business terms.  It was totally done on the basis of my judgment of what I thought … Continue reading

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Finding the Mother Fractal

What is your reference point? The metric you choose is absolutely critical for achieving a right process. The Bible provides a good collection of reference points. Faith?  Abraham is your man, along with the rest of the Hebrews 11 tribe.  … Continue reading

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Surprised by Emotions

Monday morning.  4:15 a.m.  Alarm goes off.  Shower. Pack.  Rental car.  Richmond Airport.  Long lines at security.  Board the first flight.  Short answers to 22 e-mails.  Land early at DFW.  Off to the Admiral’s Club.  Send e-mails.  Get more.  Grind … Continue reading

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Some friends and I were talking about Cain the other day and stumbled into some brain questions.  We normally tend to focus on the punch line of the story which was the murder and judgment, but there is so much … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Pattern

As I ponder what I am hearing, I am reminded of Hannah Hurnard’s book “Hinds’ Feet on High Places.”  It has been decades since I read it, so my recall of the details might be fuzzy, but here is the … Continue reading

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