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A Question from a Son Part 3

Can I ask a quick, off topic, yes or no question? Can a diagnosed DID actually be misdiagnosed and just have a truck load AHSs instead? Sally Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!  For sure.   More common is a minor case of DID:  … Continue reading

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Death or Sheol?

One of the big issues for us as we wandered around the issue of alien human spirits (AHS) was how they could still be there in people who had gone through so much deliverance.  The answer is found in Isaiah … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Authenticity

I had breakfast with Kean today which was a treat. He was a well established drug dealer in Hawaii when the King made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.  I met him when he was pastoring. I spent a busy … Continue reading

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Offices: A Wordsmithing Problem

The issue of offices came up in the context of our study of holiness. My original presentation a few years ago said we needed to sanctify time, land, stuff and people in that order since that was the Scriptural order. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Pattern

As I ponder what I am hearing, I am reminded of Hannah Hurnard’s book “Hinds’ Feet on High Places.”  It has been decades since I read it, so my recall of the details might be fuzzy, but here is the … Continue reading

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The Mysterious King Part 8

Let’s build a totally different straw man now. Compare these two story lines.  First we have the prophet confronting Saul. “What have you done?” asked Samuel. Saul replied, “When I saw that the men were scattering, and that you did … Continue reading

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A Staggering Wound

My heroes are people who refuse to allow the injustices of life to define them. Benjamin is one of them. He started off rocky.  His father had just made the biggest mistake of his whole life by leaving Bethel when … Continue reading

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Life During Judgment

There are about 30 verses in Scripture commanding us to love, seek or obey God with all our heart. That is rather difficult since our emotions are not particularly cooperative all the time.   Now a command to obey God is … Continue reading

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