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Ten Things I Learned from Dad

1.     Move the ball.  Always. We lived in Quatipuru from 1964 to 1969.  It was a small farming/fishing town of less than 2,000 people, 20 miles up the eponymous river from the Atlantic coast.  There was a dirt road connecting it … Continue reading

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Mothering AND Fathering

Both mothering and fathering are essential in each person’s life, and each person we meet is at a different place in their walk. The art form of leadership is to see which one they need at this time, so we … Continue reading

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Surprising Word Picture

I enjoy wordsmithing. Sometimes those pungent, pithy pronouncements are the product of prolonged experimentation. Other times the words gently surface from the obscurity of my mental dictionary. Occasionally however, I am utterly surprised by the utterances which emerge, unsolicited.  This … Continue reading

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The Mysterious King Part 9

The third straw man has to address the principle for the Servant, because no discussion of a redemptive gift scenario is complete without exploring the application or neglect of the governing principle. The principle for the Servant is that of … Continue reading

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The Mysterious King Part 6

When I look at the massive attention to external detail surrounding God preparing Saul for the throne, I certainly wish I could have watched the design process in heaven as his redemptive gift was being discussed, refined and pre-loaded with … Continue reading

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The Mysterious King Part 5

We need to circle back before going forward. In Part 3 of this series, I made a significant mistake in identifying Gibeah with Gibeon.  According to a map I found on the web, the two communities appear to be about … Continue reading

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The Mysterious King Part 4

Clearly even though Israel had asked for a king instead of a priestly judge, God intended the throne to be a spiritual position.  So what can we see about Saul’s spiritual heritage? Let’s look at the big picture of the … Continue reading

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