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Hand to Hand Combat

In the early 1900s, warriors trained with bayonets for warfare that was highly intense, personal and risky.  But presumed necessary. Today, technicians sit at a computer screen several nations away from combat and attempt to cause enemy casualties without any … Continue reading

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3. Innsbruck Strategy – The One and the Many

“The One and the Many” is a philosophical term.  There are several well written books on that theme by Rousas John Rushdoony. It is essentially about the tension between community and the individual.  Golf is an individual game.  The one.  … Continue reading

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2. Innsbruck Strategy – Anchor Truths

Target #1 is our most complex project.  It is an Exhorter enterprise with vast, sweeping statements.  “The most loved. . . ”  “The most beautiful . . . ” The exaggerations are stupendous and drastically disconnected from reality. At the … Continue reading

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1. Innsbruck Strategy – Paralysis

We are about a month away from our land dynamics training in Innsbruck, in April 2018.  We have between 40 and 50 people coming from over a dozen nations, most planning to stay for the guided field work. That means … Continue reading

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Confusion as a Weapon

We war. God wars. We often war differently. I am still amused at the discrepancy between Joshua’s effectiveness and God’s in the Battle of the Valley of Aijalon.  Joshua pulled off the biggest miracle in all of human history, short … Continue reading

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Wholeness Week

A year ago I was listening to a faith healer who was quite passionate about his walk.  I only remember one sentence from all the stuff I listened to.  He said something to the effect, “If you have a healing … Continue reading

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A Mercy City Prayer Strategy

Imagine this. You are given two okra, one teaspoon of tartar sauce, a clam, a quail, some scorching hot sauce, maple syrup, ginseng and some blackberries.  Your instructions are to prepare a gourmet meal. Even the most creative chef might … Continue reading

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Oroville Dam: A Different Perspective

The Oroville Dam in northern California is in danger of failure.  There are about 180,000 lives that will be impacted by the relocation and probable loss of many if not all of their possessions, should the dam collapse. I have … Continue reading

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