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Fathering your Spirit

One of the givens when working with the portions of the human spirit is that they do better at recognizing truth than describing it. So when someone has brought all seven portions to the Seat of Dominion, the rescue process … Continue reading

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Human Spirit and Condemnation

I received an e-mail from “Sally” this week where she shared her experience with ministry to her spirit.  A friend was visiting with her in a restaurant and gave her the ten second theology of the human spirit and then … Continue reading

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Death or Sheol?

One of the big issues for us as we wandered around the issue of alien human spirits (AHS) was how they could still be there in people who had gone through so much deliverance.  The answer is found in Isaiah … Continue reading

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Soul vs. Spirit Nurture

A group of us was sitting around the day after a huge celebration of our Great King, just savoring the event and letting conversation drift comfortably.  Someone asked me about how to stop nurturing the soul so they could focus … Continue reading

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