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Measuring a Mind

I am on the road, briefly. My hostess gave me a choice between the room where there is a (thoroughly cleansed) time portal and one where revelation of the Father comes most easily. Contrarian that I am, I chose the … Continue reading

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Three Kinds of Gifts

Consider the differences among these three pictures. -Team X pays a gazillion dollars to acquires the rights to Super Star player. -Team Q signs a player just out of high school and sends him to their training camp. -Saturday morning, Fred, … Continue reading

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Honor to Whom Honor is Due!

In running a team, managers learn to identify where each employee is on the big picture/granular continuum. Many people are toward one end of the spectrum or the other with a predictable deficit that tarnishes their strength. I’m the guy who … Continue reading

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Baptism Fun

We are a hybrid company.  That means that for tax purposes we are a for profit company. We have a real product which we manufacture and sell.  We have offices in seven nations. There are payroll, taxes, insurance and all … Continue reading

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Male Worship: Ooops!

In previous comments about worship, I have bagged on worship in the institutional church as being more out of custom than design. As I have dug into male worship and explored how our company worships, I have been shocked to … Continue reading

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Thunderfoot Part 2

A month or so ago, when Mary Jo joined us, we did a musical chairs routine with the apartments that was absolutely unjustifiable in business terms.  It was totally done on the basis of my judgment of what I thought … Continue reading

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Day 2.7 Bait and Switch; Bad/Good News

Thursday was pretty predictable — a frenetic scramble around the office to tie up loose ends so I could leave on my trip without them.  You all know that I am extremely persnickety about my public persona.  It is hard … Continue reading

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Can You Solve This Riddle?

Mom is not a telephone person.  Most of the time in Brazil she did not have one.  When they did get a phone, calls to the States were prohibitively expensive.  When I called her in Brazil she was happy to … Continue reading

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