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Baptism Fun

We are a hybrid company.  That means that for tax purposes we are a for profit company. We have a real product which we manufacture and sell.  We have offices in seven nations. There are payroll, taxes, insurance and all … Continue reading

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Male Worship: Ooops!

In previous comments about worship, I have bagged on worship in the institutional church as being more out of custom than design. As I have dug into male worship and explored how our company worships, I have been shocked to … Continue reading

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Which Verb Do You Use?

Holy Communion is our means of reaffirming our covenant with the King.  It is my most treasured symbol in Christianity. There are so many layers of meaning, so many rich facets to the message that 2,000 years after the Lord … Continue reading

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A Dynamic Tension

As we look at creation, there is an odd factor in the picture and that is time.  Many things have consumptive limits but not time. For some things, the limits are fairly pressing.  Depending on which doomsday report you read, … Continue reading

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A Moment of Gratitude

I am frankly obsessed with the front end of the book.  It never ceases to amaze me how much theology God packed into the first few pages of Genesis. Early on we learn about the two inalienable rights in the … Continue reading

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Surprised by Emotions

Monday morning.  4:15 a.m.  Alarm goes off.  Shower. Pack.  Rental car.  Richmond Airport.  Long lines at security.  Board the first flight.  Short answers to 22 e-mails.  Land early at DFW.  Off to the Admiral’s Club.  Send e-mails.  Get more.  Grind … Continue reading

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