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  1. Hi, a lot of good material on your site . But why would you quote Karl Marx a known Satanist ?

    • SLG says:

      Sandy, we are passionate about redemption and seek to redeem anything we can in the culture. Paul did the same in Acts 17 and God saw fit to include it in Scripture. The concept of moving from theory to action should be universally known and not owned by the other side.

  2. Miemie Esterhuizen says:

    Arthur while I talked to my Father this morning and redeemed this day 3 November with my little knowledge about it from what I’ve learned from your CD’s (I am listening to your CDs every minute I’m driving. It bless my spirit). This morning it was so clear to pray for my family and children and South Africa in this timeline for blessings and then I found the Giver tribe prayer for Receiving from time… And oh it fell so deep in my spirit because I am a giver… that I wanted to leave a comment there but can’t find the place to do it. Therefore just receive it here. I am blessed with your gift of prayers for the giver tribe!!! Thank you

  3. Sudesh says:

    Dear Arthur
    I came across your work thanks to Lance W’s FB post on redemptive gift of nations. So happy that I stumbled upon it.

    Only regret when I had after visiting your site and the list of nations is not seeing my nation Sri Lanka (In Asia) in the list. My heart is sold out to see my God take my nation to her God Given Destiny. Would like to explore how we could recognize Sri Lanka’s redemptive gift buried in our soil.

    Thanks & GBU

    • SLG says:

      Hi Sudesh. If you go to our main website, and click on Free Audio you will find a set called “Redemptive Gifts of Cities” that will give you the diagnostic tools you need to determine the gift of your nation.

  4. Paula says:

    I have been a fan of Arthur Burkes teachings for years and just heard he will be in Holden Mo. the end of Aug at Harvest Home. I would love to go but can find nothing on your sites or Harvest Homes. please help.

  5. Cindy Wallen says:

    My name is Cindy Wallen. A friend mentioned your name to me and I read your blog about musicians.

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